“Tales From the Back Porch”

That’s the title of the Corrie Loomis-Dietz/Paula Portinga Booth show now on at George Fox University until October 21 in the Minthorne Gallery in the Hoover Academic Building on campus.  Well worth a trip up to see it.  Kay and I drove up today to hear Corrie and Paula talk about their work.  The placed was packed with students:

Corrie & Paula each spoke about content and process, after a nice introduction by gallery director (and artist)Tim Timmerman:

The Gallery space is very nice–enough space to show a range of work but not so big as to overwhelm:

After complimenting Tim (left) and catching up with old friend Mark Terry (right), now a university professor (and formerly a student of Roger’s and our traveling companion in London and in Italy) we headed down the road.  Kay will be showing at this gallery in January of 2011, so it was a good preview for her.  I was the driver and photographer–apologies for the photos…the driving was okay.  Take a nice drive up River Road (219) to Newberg and see some art!

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