Lost Weekend

Wow. Plunged by weather into the 19th century, this past weekend has given each of us plenty to think about…the Friday night freeze and the wrenching sound of trees cracking and ice tinkling, the explosions and blue flashes as power transformers blew up around the neighborhoods. Lying in beds piled high with quilts and comforters we had fingers crossed that no trees fell on the roof. And then the cold…the search for temporary solutions, the taking stock of what could help us survive. No power, no internet, but a few images of the tree tragedy that happened in our town…(these “borrowed from KLE and MLZ)

Our house was built in 1849, back when candles would have been in daily use (as they still are today for us thankfully…we have a cupboard full of Jubla) and there might have been a charming moment or two…

while we rounded up the candles and the right equipment…

but mostly it was just super cold…and not that fun…

and for me personally Monday was surgery day…I had to do some “protocols” which were showers but…no hot water so we drove to Portland in a snow and ice storm, I took a shower at Zach’s house, drove home on Valentine’s day in the dark…it was, well, depressing.

But when we arrived home there was a sack on the porch…

and on we go…thinking of the Wallers in “our” house (or us in the Waller’s house), of all the storms, of the McElhinnys in this same room, of the life flowing through a house and a town and a world…of friends and how they help us. Thank you friends. Keep in touch.


  1. I slept through are outage. Didnt last long, i feel real lucky. just spent days shoveling and crashing with pain. The worst is over i hope

  2. Once again you capture our collective experience beautifully.
    Hope the surgery achieves all it might.
    Savor warmth and devices having returned.
    Know we care.

  3. Dearest Bonnie & Roger
    Such a relief to hear that you survived the storm!!! In discomfort but not in danger.
    Love to you both!!

  4. To hear trees going down under ice is a sound I do not care for! My daughter was also without electricity.. they used their fireplace for heat and the grill that burns wood to cook on. They put the grill in the barn so they wouldn’t be out in the weather to cook. Great to see you under those pretty quilts.❤️

  5. Bonnie, such eloquent words for a most difficult situation! Thank you for sharing.
    I wore my coat, knit, scarve and gloves for three days straight as we had no power, no internet and our cell phones were down. I couldn’t sew but we, too, built a fire. It was humbling. Sending prayers from Texas for a quick and smooth recovery for you. – Joyce Wilcox

  6. For me it was a week of no power. Very strange, not even cel phone. I was in another world for sure. Grateful to have a wood stove, but horrified by all the trees down. Glad to see you and Roger survived in style!

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