I first published this on my birthday in 2009, but I still think it tells my story so let’s go again!!

Today is my birthday and I’ve attained a certain age.  I have plans, things to do, places to go.  But today I’m looking back.


(I tried to cut my own bangs–oops.)

For a few years after “the war,” I was an only child.  We lived in an apartment in Chicago where I played.

buggy-me snow-me1bike-me

I REALLY wanted to be a “cowgirl.”  I dreamed of the far west.  I idolized Hopalong Cassidy.


While I was running around the streets pretending to be this and that, my parents were building a new house and having a new baby.


I noticed immediately that the driveway made a PERFECT stage:

driveway-1 dress-up-me

Time passed and many new houses were built filling up the street, new brothers arrived.


Eventually they all moved into a bigger  house, but by then I was gone, starting a new life.  I moved to the far west to be a cowgirl.

Here’s to another year of fun, out on the ranch!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Cowgirl !!! Love seeing your growing-up photos. You have always been an adventurous creature, and i feel fortunate to know you. xoxo

  2. Oh, I’d recognize that darilingchild with uneven bangs and cowgirl longings. HAPPY BIRTHDAA, Bonnie. My better ha;f is remembering you another way. We both send love and wishes for health, joy, happiness, which I accidentally typed hippiness. love, Ginny

  3. Could never see this delicious photo essay too many times, Bon. Thanks for sending it again, and I hope you are suitably celebrating your birthday, perhaps with small children. Happy Birthday and love every day, E

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