Black Lives Matter

Systemic racism is a white problem.  We made it and we need to help solve it, starting now.  Like you, I continue to read and try to understand all the ramifications of this.  Here’s two more:—4.0-styling Keep in touch.

What to Say, What to do?

I don’t know.  It feels too big for my brain.  Read everything… and understand where you live and why it is the way it is for black lives.  Think deeply about the violence actual and implied. Step one step to the side and look at things differently…. Examine your thinking, “White Fragility” and […]

When Did It Happen?

When did Police become soldiers?  Maybe when so many people came home from our many wars as soldiers and stepped into police jobs?  Maybe when drugs began to shift lives so dramatically in all communities?  Maybe when weapons became glorified and began to be more than tools?  Though we know through the law of averages […]


This photo came to light the other day and it fascinated me…the cycles of history…how we didn’t know this exactly…these young women were all Willamette students in 1918, and the photograph was taken at the Salem Train Station.  On the back was written “Had to go home.  Union Depot to catch train to Portland.  Closed […]

Damn It

This would have been the Garden Tour day, Patrick’s wedding in Idaho, tomorrow the kids and the grands would have arrived for the summer.  The world would not be in turmoil and contaminated…if only…if only… So this post is for my reading group.  We are three…one in Denver, one in Santa Fe, and me.  We […]