I actually do have a serious and informative post for later in the week, but I’ve been doing some summer things of late…it began with a seismic upgrade which meant cleaning the basement, this of a house we’ve lived in for 36 years…can you IMAGINE what a momentous photo this is?? …and artist Kathryn Cellerini […]

Hello March!

In Like a Lion today…hail, wind, pouring rain…but a happy day nonetheless.  The first Tuesday of the month is quilt group and today we went out to Lynda’s where everything is about sewing…the flower bed… and the dog (“Buttons”)…everything…in a good way. Show and tell included Lynda’s new quilt made from a pattern called “Smitten” […]

Week’s Worth

Not a momentous week, but like most of our weeks, filled with the lovely variety of things that make our lives…here’s what I’ve been up to: Check this out people…every Tuesday in May conservationist Tom Fuller will be working on the Hallie Ford Museum of Art’s native basket collection in the lobby so you can […]

“The Hollow”

Marie and I arrived pretty early at Gretchen and Denis’ beautiful garden…just in time to see the last baby flicker poke it’s head out…preparing to leave the nest… A few miles out of town, this garden is a refuge for birds and gardeners alike.  Take a stroll…start at the drive… The Carnabys have been gardening […]

The Iltis Garden

Went up to see Dick and Dee’s garden recently (before the Alaska trip) while the trilliums were still in bloom.  Theirs is really an early spring garden and we missed the real season, but “as advertised” there were trilliums…PLUS…jack in the pulpits, things with tiny leaves and things with giant leaves…take a stroll…Dick and Dee […]