Tom Cramer and Michael Hernandez: the Close of the High Street Gallery

The other evening we went to the penultimate event at the High Street Gallery.  The last evening of the current exhibit, and of the Gallery, is this coming Saturday, June 16th…put it on your calendar and head over there to see a good exhibit and to say goodbye to the gallery.  Michael Hernandez opened the […]

Jackie Johnson

Recently we visited painter Jackie Johnson’s studio in Portland on the occasion of a purchase/donation to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.  A generous donor bought one of  Jackie Johnson’s paintings for the museum collection, and on that occasion Jackie offered to donate a painting of hers to go along with the earlier donation.  We […]

Art History 101

The interesting thing about living with an art historian, if you are an artist, is the parallels, juxtapositions…the “pairs” that art historians see around them.  All the time.  Last night I got out the work I’ll be taking down to the Compass Gallery tomorrow to hang the new show (more about that later, no doubt) […]

Portland Art Day

Off to Portland today on the Louis Bunce trail…and other artistic endeavors.  A beautiful sunny day at the end of spring…we visited a Portland collector to look at his Louis Bunce paintings that R might borrow for the 2017 show of Bunce’s work at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.  He has some real beauties […]

Elizabeth Bauman

I went over to Elizabeth’s for coffee the other day.  Her daughter Alex, our constant and much-loved companion last summer in Project Space, was in school, but Elizabeth showed me Alex’s current interest…legos… (and guess what ladies…they have GIRL legos now…) Last summer Alex was painting, cutting paper, drawing…in a concentrated and wonderful way… But […]