Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here in the Northwest it’s chilly and overcast…just about the perfect day to run around doing a few errands and then COFFEE!  Archive Bar and Coffee was hopping today and Bigwig Donuts were down there, as well as Ponderosa and Thyme… Coffee first and then a bouquet for a loved one to […]

Friday Report…

Wow…busy week around here…but kind of a miscellaneous week to make a narrative out of…  It WAS a week with ART in it though…Elizabeth, Alex and I spent two days in Corrie’s summer studio (a generous offer on Corrie’s part)…she the first artist in residence whereby the CCC gallery is turned into a big studio […]

Elizabeth Bauman

I went over to Elizabeth’s for coffee the other day.  Her daughter Alex, our constant and much-loved companion last summer in Project Space, was in school, but Elizabeth showed me Alex’s current interest…legos… (and guess what ladies…they have GIRL legos now…) Last summer Alex was painting, cutting paper, drawing…in a concentrated and wonderful way… But […]