Art Laundry 2

In 2012 I went to Fort Bragg, California, to make art with my friend artist Carolyn Schneider, and to put up a show called “Art Laundry” at the Lost Coast Culture Machine Gallery.  We had fun, worked hard, and the show was a success and held over for another month.  Carolyn discovered her latent desire […]

Friday Report…

Wow…busy week around here…but kind of a miscellaneous week to make a narrative out of…  It WAS a week with ART in it though…Elizabeth, Alex and I spent two days in Corrie’s summer studio (a generous offer on Corrie’s part)…she the first artist in residence whereby the CCC gallery is turned into a big studio […]


Remember that TV show…”That Was The Week That Was?”  So okay…the tile is back-ordered and the bathroom is going nowhere… so we moved on this week as best we could…starting with Constance Fowler (1907-1996), painter, print-maker, founder of the modern art department at Willamette University in 1938.  R has curated an excellent Fowler show up […]

Project Space, 2012

Monday…I went down to Project Space to get set up…open hours begin Tuesday (11-2, Tuesday through Saturday).  It was bliss locked in there all by myself…now that Phil has put in the lights… The artists have begun to arrive and set up work spaces…little by little we are “claiming” the space anew… So I set […]

PS3 Update…

Tuesday was a work day at PS3 with all five collaborators there at once (for  few minutes…).  Barbara brought a journal she found at the Goodwill it got me thinking of some small collages Paula found a color range that looked good and started working (you can see her foot and her shadow…) Sadie painted […]

Project Space 3

Today I moved into PS 3 where I’ll work for a month with other artists including Corrie Loomis-Dietz, Paula Booth, Barbara Rowland.  I’ll have two projects going which will include the old double wedding ring top: (which looks better in this photo than in real life…) which I plan to cut up and reassemble without […]