Life After Flu

I’ve been hit hard this flu season…three weeks at Christmas and three more weeks in Jan/Feb.  Thank goodness for quilts (this one made by my friend Sharon) and books… …and if you haven’t read Colin Meloy’s YA adventure “Wildwood,” consider it…the main locale is Portland and it is a VERY fun read…here are the maps […]

The Eclipse…

The media is filled this morning…eclipse photos of great telescopic/cellphone beauty…ecstatic exclamations…large groups all experiencing together this moment of science and imagination…great fun.  I didn’t think I’d write about it since my pictures are blurry and unremarkable in every way…but…why not. Maybe many of us though decided to experience this phenomenon in our own backyards…to […]

The Life I Lead

Life changes in a second or two…we have come to know that.  A misstep, a speeding paint truck, a diagnosis, a sloppy politician who has the nuclear codes, a tsunami or earthquake…poof…our beautiful lives are gone or irrevocably changed.  While we are in these lives though, it is worthwhile to notice them, to be impressed […]


Yep…it has been sort of winter-quiet here…head colds, PT, stuff.  Not much shopping this year, but the trees are up… and today…SNOW!   The elf drove me out and about… the first camellia was unceremoniously dislodged and here’s how it looked from 12:30 on: but we got home in time for a coffee and a fireside […]


Red means stop.  It’s hard to stop.  Mostly we don’t, we soldier on, keep working, keep planning.  But sometimes things just grind to a halt.  When my father died one of my brothers said “Sometimes things just have to stop…”  and that’s the truth.  I am in one of those periods of suspended animation, but […]

A Breather…

Did you ever have a day when you just DID NOT want to go out?  Last Thursday for me… I wasn’t “unwell” exactly, and my mother is far beyond my reach, but it was a matter of comfort.  I needed a day of doing small things.  Getting some envelopes ready to mail… packing away Christmas… […]