The Proofs Arrived!

Roger Hull has been researching, writing, interviewing and thinking about the Portland modernist painter Louis Bunce for 3 years, at least.  As usual I’ve had the most interesting time tagging along to lenders, archives, museums and galleries as Roger pulled together the story of Bunce’s life and work…a VERY fascinating story.  The book, “Louis Bunce: […]

Portland Art Day

Off to Portland today on the Louis Bunce trail…and other artistic endeavors.  A beautiful sunny day at the end of spring…we visited a Portland collector to look at his Louis Bunce paintings that R might borrow for the 2017 show of Bunce’s work at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.  He has some real beauties […]

Road Trip

A busy week here getting ready to head out…some ukulele playing in Monterey, a stop in Sonoma to look at quilts, departure is imminent.  I’ll just leave you with a few little Louis Bunce gouaches we ran across.  More news from the road…. rescue quilt almost done… Bye bye…