Back today after a week away…Carol and I took a road trip down to the Monterey area to Pacific Grove, location of the beautiful Julia Morgan-designed conference center Asilomar (which means refuge by the sea).  Built originally for the YWCA, it now functions as a site for a variety of conferences in a continuous rotation.  […]

Road Trip

A busy week here getting ready to head out…some ukulele playing in Monterey, a stop in Sonoma to look at quilts, departure is imminent.  I’ll just leave you with a few little Louis Bunce gouaches we ran across.  More news from the road…. rescue quilt almost done… Bye bye…  

On the Move

I’m thinking I should change the name of the blog to “On the Move” after this week.  We headed up the Gorge passing Multnomah Falls, and stopping at Boda’s Kitchen (thank you George) in Hood River for a quick and delicious lunch before crossing the bridge at The Dalles and heading east on beautiful highway […]

Snow Day

There is something really nice about a snow day…a day without walls, a stay-in-your- jammies-all-day-if-you-want kind of day, as Ellen says (she lives in Vermont where snow days are more prevalent).  I hear they are calling this “Snowpocalypse  2014”, this weekend we are entering.  (Growing up in the mid-west, a scant half of an inch […]

Gathering Steam…

Thanks readers, for all the good birthday wishes.  It was a busy week last week including a few meetings (possibly you can tell where I was sitting?)… and here’s my ukulele teacher Ron with HIS birthday present (the day before)…an electronic bass ukulele!  Rock on…(and he will) Sharon and I went to ukulele “graduation” (’s […]

Ukulele Update…

After week four I’m pretty sure I’m not a brilliant player, but it sure is fun…especially with my “SNARK” that keeps me in tune… “MY DOG HAS FLEAS”…and by the way, ukulele means “jumping flea”…(we learned this week from a classmate who lived in Hawaii for years that the slang for head lice in Hawaii […]