Art Laundry, Day 3

Carolyn Schneider and I have just completed the third day of “Art Laundry II”, part of Salem Art Association’s Project Space, 2015.  Our proposal was to work in the space daily and build an installation where we examined the threads between “women’s domestic work” and art work.  How they might be similar, how they might […]

Art Laundry 2

In 2012 I went to Fort Bragg, California, to make art with my friend artist Carolyn Schneider, and to put up a show called “Art Laundry” at the Lost Coast Culture Machine Gallery.  We had fun, worked hard, and the show was a success and held over for another month.  Carolyn discovered her latent desire […]


It all began when Carolyn thought we might want to collaborate on an installation in her “home” gallery Lost Coast Culture Machine, in Fort Bragg, California.  She then admitted a deep-seated need to iron in public, and “Art Laundry” was born…with the support of gallery owners Anne Beck and Dietmar Krumrey. We visited the gallery […]