The Eclipse…

The media is filled this morning…eclipse photos of great telescopic/cellphone beauty…ecstatic exclamations…large groups all experiencing together this moment of science and imagination…great fun.  I didn’t think I’d write about it since my pictures are blurry and unremarkable in every way…but…why not. Maybe many of us though decided to experience this phenomenon in our own backyards…to […]

Sidney Day

We started our Mondays with Sidney about a year ago.  Each day is a gem, and with a person of Sidney’s age you have to live pretty much in the moment.  “Living in the moment” for some of us involves image making…of course.  In reviewing the images from today though I was struck by how […]

Sidney Week

We just came home from two splendid weeks away at the beach house, (no media, no blogging), and one whole week Sidney was there too…             We noticed he is a guy on the move…. But there were quiet moments…a quick Elmo video while breakfast was cooking… LOTS of reading, including this one from 1974 […]