Archival Adventure

We picked up Willamette University Archivist Mary McRobinson this morning and headed up to Portland to visit Mardy Widman. The Widman family has donated Portland painter Harry Widman’s archival papers and materials to the Pacific Northwest Artists Archive (PNAA) at Willamette.  Today we were going up with Mary to see Harry’s studio, the breadth of […]

Robert Hess

Robert Hess, sculptor, teacher, mentor, friend, died last week. We’ll miss his great eye, his generosity, his fierce interest in the world around him.  Luckily his sculpture is all over town to remind us in the most tangible way of his talent.  I feel like musing on Robert today. Roger and I came west in […]

Campus Fun

In the paper this morning was the announcement that the very nice Professor of Politics at Willamette University, Sammy Basu, has been awarded the Carnegie/CASE award for teaching, as Oregon’s Professor of the year. Facebook lit up with pictures of a series of banners the University has put up honoring all 11 WU faculty members […]

Carl Hall: Ephemera

Regional artist Carl Hall left a wealth of material behind for his family to deal with after his death in 1996.  His wife and daughters have generously donated paintings to many institutions in the Pacific Northwest, sold much work, and sorted and re-formatted more.  Still…Carl was prolific and there is the fantastically interesting archival material […]

The Art Department….c. 1972…Willamette University…

Ran across this photo that I thought you locals might enjoy… here is the Willamette University Art Department in about 1972 or 73…left to right… Carl Hall (painter) Cameron Paulin (art historian) Roger Hull (art historian) and Robert Hess (sculptor)… but REALLY the most important figure in the group is the Manuel Izquierdo sculpture called […]