Drawing Day

I recently read an article that said to have a  happy life you need to do something EVERYDAY that makes you happy.  If you love to draw that’s so easy…drawing books and pens fit nicely into a purse…insurance against any “slow” moment…all good.  …and SOME days are really happy days because drawing and coffee join […]

Friday Follow Up

First and foremost, I made a mistake on the location of Rochelle and Nate Rafn’s new restaurant.  It will open early in June at 479 Court (next door to Olson’s Florist)…(that used to be Quizno’s sandwich shop…)  Thanks to my neighbor Jason Heimerdinger and David at the Statesman Journal, disaster was averted…because if you went […]


Oh the world of blogging is snarly sometimes…or maybe it’s the world of computers…thankfully my brother Bruce can drive a mini-cooper full of lumber through Seattle traffic, diagnose what happened that made my blog refuse to take photos, talk me through the changes and VOILA…I’m back in business.  This is for Bru with thanks….