Summer 2019

Whaat?  It’s August 1st? Hi…it’s been a while.  My exhibit is over and I’ve navigated the often-post-show let-down…and in checking my photo file I see a lot has happened but I’m speechless on this subject so I’ll just roll out some images thereby proving summer is summer, mine not too different from yours…beach, garden, family…occasional […]

Quick Beach Visit

We had a new fence built this week, between our house and the house-of-constant-renters…maybe you remember how it looked the summer before…so we zoomed over to take a look…it’s good! It poured and blew and sheeted down on Saturday… but today dawned sunny and clear and perfect for getting out the sweet old bikes…wedding […]

Editing Cutler City

In our two plus weeks at the beach I rode my bike around our neighborhood, Cutler City, several times a day.  Sometimes I had my camera and took pictures of my favorite small cottages, the “old” Cutler City….little  cottages for fishermen built on the sand.  Many many of these are gone and some (like ours) […]

The Beach House

It seems impossible to believe this, but 20 years ago we bought this little beach house on Siletz Bay.  We’ve tinkered with it a little bit, but mostly it has been an oasis of calm in our busy lives, a family place.  I’m entertaining myself this week with some before and after photos…here’s how our […]

Tuesday Miscellany…

My mind is deep into my Project Space project, but I AM alive and always photo’ing…beach weekend with rain predicted turned out to be beautiful for the kite festival… and for sitting by the Bay… AND for hosting Sharon’s surprise birthday party…(and she really was surprised!) …and did you check out the MIG pizza yet?  […]