Clifford Gleason and Bonnie Hull at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art

We are still hopeful that these two exhibits will see the light of day opening August 20th with no events or fanfare.  “We” includes the curator of both exhibits Roger Hull, and me.  Roger Hull has been working on the Clifford Gleason exhibit “Clifford Gleason: The Promise of Paint” (monograph of the same title due […]

Portland Art Day

Off to Portland today on the Louis Bunce trail…and other artistic endeavors.  A beautiful sunny day at the end of spring…we visited a Portland collector to look at his Louis Bunce paintings that R might borrow for the 2017 show of Bunce’s work at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.  He has some real beauties […]

Clay Ball, 2012

Last night was the13th annual “Clay Ball” wherein artists and “patrons” come together to support the arts in our community.  The theme this year was the 60’s…Mad Men-inspired…and people took it seriously and came dressed for the moment… there was a photo booth with “props” lovely blondes everywhere… friends discussing auction items (…”should we go […]