Boxing Day

I have to say, this is a favorite day…the frantic rush of presents and baking is over, the dust settles, you can put on your new flannel shirt and be cozy, peruse your Christmas books.  Best of all when it falls on Saturday and nobody has to go anywhere.  Whether your Christmas was one of […]


I don’t think I have the medical condition that Makes you SAD on the longest night/shortest day of the year…but I look forward to the return of light in a BIG way… As soon as the festivities are over, I begin to think of making new work and doing new things…the excitement of the possibilities […]

Blog Sloth Admission

I’ve been lazy in the blog department but then…no time to write and nobody has time to read so, what the heck…and then it hasn’t been inspiring weather, you know?  Torrential rain for days on end…I KNOW it’s Oregon, but…it’s been cozy in–looking out through the drear… and then today…sunshine, of a sort.  Clearly the […]