Portland Art Day

It’s been a while since we had the luxury of just random looking, but today was such a day…we started with Fay Jones…up for another week at Laura Russo Gallery…the work had much in it that “spoke” to me…acrylic on paper…strange narrative…intriguing cast of characters…I love her work. on to George and Phyllis Johanson’s for […]

Jackie Johnson

A week ago we went up to the Laura Russo Gallery to see Jackie Johnson’s new show, and thought the paintings were beautiful.  The colors, the symbols, the implied combo of cityscape and excavation site, were very appealing to me…take a look and then put it on your calendar…the show is up all month… the […]

Conserving Carl Hall

The Salem Public Library has in its collection a beautiful Carl Hall painting called “Flood” of 1948.  It has had some definite conservation issues so Nancy and I agreed to take it to Portland to art conservator Nina Olsson.  First we arrived at the library and removed the painting, posting a note on the wall… […]