Tyko Groves: 1953-2014



We’re very sad today thinking about our friend Tyko who died in an accident last weekend.  Tyko was a carpenter, an entrepreneur, a friend, an artist.  He remodeled a garage into an office/studio for us at the beach, and in 1995 put an addition on our (1849) Court Street house that changed the way we live here.  Today at his memorial service we heard all the many stories that were similar to our own stories…stories that revealed all the things about Tyko that we knew to be true.  He was smart, he was funny, he was nuanced, he was hard working and honest.  He had ideas, and was intuitive in the extreme.  Working with Tyko was, for us anyway, a collaboration and way too much fun.  Of the MANY stories I could tell, I will chose just this one:

The new addition was to be contiguous with the kitchen.  I asked Tyko to build in some shelving for the cook books and he said…” oh no Bonnie.  Your house is so old it would NEVER have had built ins.  That won’t be possible.”  Oh.  The next day he arrived with his (brand new) video camera, plunked it on the counter and said…”look at this, it”s your new cookbook shelf…I built it last night with some old doors I had in the shed.”  And luckily I agreed, so today and everyday at Court Street I think of Tyko when I open the doors and grab a  cook book.  I don’t like to think of a world without Tyko, but his spirit is imbedded in our houses and our lives.

the shelf 2

Hydrangea House


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Once we thought of calling our house “Hydrangea House” but we gave it up, though we didn’t give up hydrangeas.  This morning early I made the rounds to see how everybody was doing, noting that early morning light is harsher on the plants, photographically speaking, than later on…but still, they look good…big blue and little blue…

big blue 2 little blue 2

big pink and little pink…

Big Pink little pink

oak leaf…

oak leaf 2


linmelight 2



pee gee coming on…


Today the annual Salem Art Fair where R & I will be working the Hallie Ford Museum of Art booth (come say hi, 4-7)

I’m getting ready to go off on a trip next week…getting a little baby quilt put together to take as hand work…


…summer is good…





The Crab Pot


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The Crab Pot was an institution in Lincoln City…most especially in Cutler City.  The original business dates way back to the 1920’s…

Crab Pot, neon sign

For 39 years it has been owned and operated by Allen Black, who lived above the storefront.  R and I have been buying fish there since 1992 and have had many a good dinner and many a conversation about urban renewal, old bikes, business in a tourist town, etc. with Allen Black.  I’ve taken lots of pictures of the place…we loved it.  It symbolized a part of beach life that has disappeared into Casinos and big box stores and restaurants.







On the third of July the unimaginable happened…a fire started in the smoker, leapt to the roof of the store and from there to the roof of the house…

fire 12

the fire

A total and complete loss.  Everything he had and had worked for.


Allen Black's bike



newspaper photos



Studio Day


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I haven’t been in the studio much…Italy, 4th of July, grandbaby….so today I sort of sunk in for a while.  It’s cool out there in the studio (temperature wise, I mean) totally shaded by a walnut tree and a bay tree intertwined.  As is my habit, I try to find some past work to look at…hmmm.  The bridge paintings?  “The Conflagration in the Garden” from the Adam and EVE series?  Not today.  Today I opened the book of collages I started in 2011…and, as often happens, I liked them much better than I did 3 years ago…especially the ones that are spare…collage book

Some have a poem, some are just images…

The illustrations for my life story

Solstice 2



earth angel



Summer quilt

Summer, 2011

and then I took the path home…(I think I might have put these on here once before, but if I can’t remember, you probably can’t either!?)

path home







Quilt Group/July


, , , ,

Today we met at Kathleen Leonard’s house and let me just say, she is a VERY creative person.   We arrived and looked around her nice house, settled in with some coffee…



and I began to slowly realize that the woman is a dynamo.  She’s only been quilting about 10 years and she thinks she’s made 200+ quilts, giving away about 60.  We easily saw another 60 today…and every household activity seems to have a quilt…

sink quilt

We chatted and did a little “show and tell”…Kate had gotten these cool 1890’s Singer sewing machine cards at a garage sale (the first one is for you Nadia),




and then KATHLEEN began her show and tell.  I’ll make them thumb-nails for you non-quilters, trusting that quilters know they can click on any photo to enlarge it…



Q12 Q11 Q10


Q4 Q3 Q2

here’s the hobo quilt…the squares taken from a book on signs left by hobos in the depression


here’s her grandma’s quilt she like to curl up under and read, with amazing fabrics…

Gma 1gma 3Gma 2

And check this out as a way to use those stray yoyos…left over from when you thought you’d make a yoyo quilt…


Yoyo detail

…saw her sewing room…

sewing room

more quilts…wool…

wool quilt

wool stash…

wool stash

She made a “happy quilt” on a gloomy day, and appliques this adorable found potholder on it for EXTRA happiness…


LUNCH time…our first annual salad lunch…



…oops, missing a napkin…open the green cupboard…


“oops, I forgot about the small ones…”

oops the little ones

One quick turn around the fairy garden and we were off…

Fairy garden

Thanks Kathleen for an lovely and inspiring day…xo








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Oh bliss…this is it, don’t you think?  Berries…



pie and birthdays


dinners with neighbors



Evan's brick path

(and here R had to borrow Evan’s garden gloves to open the champagne…)

R & E 2

drives to the beach…


More dinners…

buttersalmonpie 2

Thanks for the evening, you guys!


heading home with a view of the Bay…


…and GUYS…it isn’t even the 4th yet!


Back in the Swing….


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I took a bunch of my art work over to Monmouth last week for Eric Olsen’s Edward’s Addition open house, and the next day R and I went to see how it came out.  The house is very nice, all on one floor, and it was total fun to see my work looking rather nice on the neutral walls…still open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6-9…1115 Gwinn Street in Monmouth.  Guess I was so glad to see my work in a great environment, I forgot to take a picture of the front of the house.  Better go take a look!


"Wisteria 2"

"Tea Leaf"


"Life's a Blossom Branch"

"Henk's Tulips"

And speaking of houses, my old friend Mary Grace West and her husband David have sold their beautiful Victorian house, the historic Port Manning House, out on Halls Ferry Road…BIG house sale this weekend with Eastlake furniture, Victorian silver, huge sale as they are down-sizing.  Friday June 27, at June 28, Sunday June 29th from 9-4.  4922 Halls Ferry Road S.  A nice drive and a fantastic sale.

Over here more mundane pastimes….

CW 1 CW 2 CW 3

CW 4 CW 5 cw 6

Gloria (next door) is getting a new fence…


but the rest of her garden is looking good…


and the May quilt (here unbound) is now complete…with me racing to complete the June quilt…quilt top sewn in Italy…before Monday:

ZMay quilt

May Quilt detail




Italy 2014: Postscript


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So after the Umbrian idyll and saying good bye to loved ones we headed…


yep…back to Florence for two lovely days.  We found the restaurant Garga right near our hotel…I’d taken a cooking class from Sharon back in 2001 when the restaurant Garga was on Via del Moro…and we had a fabulous dinner…


ending with this amazing dessert…sort of a decadence (flourless chocolate) in olive oil with rosemary…this I HAVE to try…(or Sally, can you do this wonderfully???)

dinner Garga dessert

We looked at a couple of modern/contemporary things that were fun.  When we had gone to see the Pontormo/Rosso Fiorentino show earlier in the trip…

R and Pontormo

the ticket also was good for a photo show of contemporary photographers from around the globe on the subject of family.  There were still photos, video, and R’s favorite, an “environment” with a mid-century modern feel…

family matters Family matters R Family Matters R 2

family matters 3

which I liked because the table settings were embroidered onto the cloth…(and I spent the whole trip embroidering–more on that later)

Family matters tab;e

we walked slowly toward the Piazza della Signoria…

Street art

and since it was 97 degrees we stopped at Rivoire and paid an absolute fortune for a salad…but the view was good….


and we noted there was a Jackson Pollock drawing show at the Palaazo Publico…what????

So we headed over and while R stood in the LONG line for tickets, I stood in the courtyard and watched people taking photos…too much fun…

PV photos 1 PV 7a PV 7

pv 6 PV 4pv 3

PV 5a PV 2 PV

so I got into the spirit of it…

PV selfie

and then the Pollock show.  Well, you had to wind through all of the historic exhibits…including the Hall of 500 where it is thought there is a Leonardo fresco of the Battle of Anghiari under one of the Vasari paintings…

Hall of 500

but FINALLY we reached our goal…a lovely and small selection of Pollock’s work from the late 30’s and early 1940’s (he died in 1956) which was terrific to see.  Now keep in mind, photography is STRICTLY forbidden…first the show was “dropped” into a big historic building in an interesting way…


and I got these two…(with my phone)

Pollock 3

Pollock 2

and was ABOUT to go for a photo of the wonderful little set of four small paintings from the mid-late 30’s which delighted the art historian, when the photo police got me.  Nice show.

Even a recuperative gelato couldn’t help us as the temperature was 98.  We staggered back to the hotel and decided on Chinese takeout for our last meal in Italy…

chinese take out


followed by a shower in one of the new type of Italian bathrooms…all slippery tile, beautiful, but nothing at all to hold on to, no grab bars, and the tubs all a foot higher than the floor of the room…thank goodness for crocs…scary…


and the next morning we folded back into the airplane and headed home…(BTW six inches from my nose to the seat back in front of me of course, fully reclined …)


The next morning we headed to Court Street Dairy lunch for an early breakfast…

Court Street Dairy Lunch

and a tour of our garden, which had gone completely crazy while we were gone…

garden deck:chair

garden 1

Good to go, good to come home…


Italy 2014: Villa Castellino and on…


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Right after our AMAZING group left, we began another lively and fun week.  R’s sister, husband and daughter arrived and after a Florence tour (George was with us in Florence in the 1990’s, Fanny with us in 2011…all new to Jennifer) the five of us took the train to Terantola, where we picked up our rental car…a brand new Skoda Yeti (a Czech car), and took off into Umbria to find our home for the week, Villa Castellino.  Villa Castellino is a renovated farmhouse near the towns of Lisciano Niccone and Mercatele, which suited our needs perfectly with lots of bedrooms, bathrooms…a nicely appointed kitchen, lots of wonderful eating spots indoors and out…a pool.  First the Florence tour with J&F, and then the house…

Domijans arroive

Duomooff to Terontola



Castellino front castellino front 2 Castellino #45

ahhhh pool 1 pool to house

Food played a huge role in the week…first the shopping at the Coop…


Then check Giorgio breaking out his apron…

Chef Giorgio

and getting to work…

dinner recipe Dinner the chef at work dinner prep

he chef at work

…and he had help…

Fanny cooking

The house had great eating areas in and out…in the sun for breakfast…


on the terrace for lunch and dinner…

lunch on the terrace

dinner villa dinner ambience 3 dinner chops

dinner "the chicken" dinner # 1 dinner ambience 2

and inside for the one rainy day…

inside dinner

But we lunched out quite a bit…Montone, Passignano, San Sepulchro where we visited Diane Martin…a student in the early 70’s…who now lives there…

Diane's ouse

R & Diane

lunch 5 lunch 1LAST DAY 4

lunch 4 lunch montone lunch 6 (F&G)

We had fun…

Gelato at the Lago J&F B&R

drawing 5 drawing 2 rawing 3a


lunch as a photo op

evening 5 evening 3 evening 1

Fan at Trasimeno

view from Montone



Luccio 2


pool to house 2

the castle

Since 2001 we’ve rented five different Umbrian properties from this agency (Ca di Bracco, Villa Forconi, Castellino, and 2 no longer on their list…) and have always had the most fun with well equipped kitchens, comfortable beds and good bathrooms…given them a look.  Ciao…








Italy 2014 Part 1: Colle di Val d’Elsa


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Our 2014 Italian adventure is complete, and what a trip it was.  Though I started posting from “the road,” it became clear there was only enough time and energy to “live in the moment.”  There WAS enough time and energy to take a ton of photos though…phew.  The first half of the trip was with the lovely alumni group from Willamette University, as noted in the last post.  They were intrepid, funny, nice, interesting, lively.  Varied.  The Alumni trip does more “cultural exploration” and less art-looking than the Hull/Birnbaum “Studies in Florence” 1979-2005, but they got to Sienna Cathedral and Museum to see Duccio’s Maesta, Simone Martini and Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the Palazzo Publico, and finally, a long and intense Hull tour through the Uffizi in Florence. Note on art photos:  Italy absolutely doesn’t allow photography in museums and churches…what I took was on the sly.  Interestingly our guide mentioned litigation in play now that might  make it illegal to keep people from photographing.

There is no coherent way of organizing this really so just come along if you can…I’ll try for the usual text-light, image-heavy.  Other people’s vacations can be pretty deadly…it’s just an archival habit I have.   Once I’ve set this in motion I’ll move to just images and let you guess what we were doing.  The plane left late…and flew over familiar territory…

plane 2plane 1aplane 3

Over the next week we visited a cheese factory where they made Pecorino Senesi…a sheep’s milk cheese milder than Pecorino Romano that we mostly get in the US.  We visited the Monsanto winery where the most amazing thing was the encyclopedic cellar including a small niche for each grandchild…100 bottles put down on each child’s birthday and held until they are 21…we saw lead crystal being blown at Colle Vilca, we saw an interesting very old fresco just unearthed with people grouped around the fertility tree…don’t miss what the hanging fruit might be…here we go:

Colle:our street

colle:our room


cheese tour guidePINZANIpecorino senesi

cheese tasting

Monsanto 1

Monsanto cellar

Monsanto LuigiMonsanto Ales

goodbye top Colle

garbage 2

view from Colle window

view from cheese

colle vilca blowingcolle vilca momentycollec vilca tools

Colle vilca drawing

vino 1

ertility tree

drawing 1









Rollie in Florence 1rollie in Florence 2

San Gim...Benozzo Gozzoli

view from the Baglioni


group farewell

coffee stopcoffee 6coffee 4

coffee 3coffee 1COFFEE ?

coffee 2

…and off go our new friends.  We repack and head to Umbria.





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