Quick Beach Visit


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We had a new fence built this week, between our house and the house-of-constant-renters…maybe you remember how it looked the summer before last..here…so we zoomed over to take a look…it’s good!

fence 2 (1)


It poured and blew and sheeted down on Saturday…


but today dawned sunny and clear and perfect for getting out the sweet old bikes…wedding bikes from that long-ago day 46 years ago…

bikes 2

bikes 3


It was beautiful today and high tide on Siletz Bay….

high tide

…everybody in town was busy…


off home we went.




One Day Off


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It rained today.  As my friend Ellen put it, about waking up to a recent rainy Vermont day “…it seemed an invitation to a Reading Day.  I accepted.”  Ahhh…

rain (1)

I think my life to be pretty full and fun…making things, seeing things, good work to do, interesting people, lots of art, a supportive family, beautiful places to live and work.  So I’m not complaining mind you…just tired after a busy couple of months.  The rain early this morning, the gray day…NOTHING on the schedule…what a relief.  I received the invitation to stay home and do random things, and I gratefully accepted.

My day had some reading…(and then some cooking…more on the ragu recipe later.)


But to recap…new studio…

IMG_60129-8-15/5 studio

Corvallis quilt show down, and sleeves sewn on the new quilts which go to Newberg for the show “Conversation: Bonnie Hull and Kay Worthington” November 5-30, in the gallery at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon…


witness to the next load of archival material from artist Rex Amos…

IMG_6144archive boxjournal

…and Rex even allowed archivist Mary McRobinson to be photographed in one of his notorious hats from his vast collection…

Rex and Mary

tangerine break with Sidney…

tangerine time

quick beach run…

beach sunset

“An art historian’s work is never done.”  RPH.

beach writing

Visits with sibs…

bikes and Q's

fall dinner


Market cooler

Photographer Don Normark’s photos on view this month at 12X16 and painter George Johanson talking about Don, his photos, and their 74 year relationship (they met in grade school, roomed together in NYC, painted and photographed each other all these years…)

Geo talking about Don


Don’s photo of painter Roy De Forest’s dog…

Roy DeForrest's dog

and the start up of a new cooperative gallery at the Willamette Heritage Center as five artists who have studios at the Mill valiantly try take over the Compass Gallery.  Slow start, but loved seeing my work up…opening this Thursday 5-7…we are Dayna Collins, Leonard Kelly, Kathy Shen, Rollie Wisbrock and me.  Come see us.


So all afternoon long I’ve been simmering the ragu as per the New York Times…

veg readyready to cookadd veg


Pretty close…almost time for dinner!

NYTimesragu 2







Off to Camp Sherman


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Here’s a little picture-only story of my blissful weekend last week.  Katy Vigeland, Nancy Eng and I (one half of the Salem Art Group six) headed to Katy’s family cabin on the Metolius River at Camp Sherman, for 3 days of painting, drawing, talking about art, reading and laughing.  There is NO connectivity of any kind in Camp Sherman so we were unplugged…a challenge for some of us.  Nancy and Katy were painting, while I was making little drawings on post cards for the upcoming Art Market at SAA’s winter show.

Camp Sherman is not Black Butte (though you can see Black Butte from there).  The cabins are rustic, small, many built on leased Forest Service land.  It’s more of an old-time Oregon experience.  No more talk, just some pictures of a beautiful place with some beautiful women.


Katy's 2



day pine 2 day pine night pine

Katy's house


evening trees

kindling (1)fireplacefire (1)

inside out

CS bedroom



K table 1


N paperNancyK table 2

salad buffet

reveal 3

Me (1)

Katy in process

the girl artistsThanks Katy





Archival Adventure


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We picked up Willamette University Archivist Mary McRobinson this morning and headed up to Portland to visit Mardy Widman.

off we go

The Widman family has donated Portland painter Harry Widman’s archival papers and materials to the Pacific Northwest Artists Archive (PNAA) at Willamette.  Today we were going up with Mary to see Harry’s studio, the breadth of the material being donated, and to chat with Harry’s wife artist Mardy Widman.  We arrived at the studio mid-morning of a blazingly beautiful fall day…reminding ourselves that Harry has been gone from us for about a year now, but the place is imprinted with his life and images.

Widman studio

The studio remains a wondrous (though now very organized) place…here seen with Roger looking at some Manuel Izquierdo plaster sculptures Mardy is going to repair…

in the studio


The brushes look like a still-life this year…

Harry's brushes

Mardy and Roger and Mary looked at the many piles and files of material…

Roger and Mardy

which included these amazing, delightful and informative bits of ephemera…a painter’s notes to himself…

ephemera 4  ephemera 3 ephemera 2

ephemera 1 notebooksephemera 5

then the beautiful lunch spread…


and a view of three big abstracts of Harry’s that have come to life…the yellow one…

yellow [painting

the red one…

red painting

and the green one.

green painting

We noted one of Mardy’s terrific embroidery pieces…


saw the drawing that had been traded for service and returned after Harry’s death…


and said our goodbyes to Harry and Mardy’s beautiful place…

self portrait




Back to the Galleries


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The busy summer of writing and sewing has kept us out of the Portland galleries.  We were up in the city Saturday though and took in a few.  We missed Jack Portland’s talk Saturday at Laura Russo but R particularly wanted to see this painting…”Thanks Louis, I’m just starting to get it.”

Thanks Louis. I'm just starting to get it.

and I liked Rae Mahaffey’s fused glass pieces…

Rae Mahaffey

and the paintings, which are VERY quilt like…

Rae Mahaffey

Then off to the Desoto building galleries.  I’ve enjoyed watching the work of Sara Siestreem at Augen over the last few years, and I loved this show…the drips under and then just lots of yummy marks…

Sara Siestriem

SS 2

in the back were a very nice Mark Andres painting…”Moon Base, Swan Island”

and a big George Johanson print “Dog Day”…

George Dogs

Next door at Froelick Gallery I loved the witty Ronna Neuenschwander porcelain sculptures like “Pretty in Pink”


and “Boiling Point.”

Boiling Point

We were heading to Blue Sky to see Henk Pander’s drawings, but stopped at Charles Hartman to look at Rachel Davis’ nice watercolors…

Rachel Davis Rachel Davis

Henk’s drawings are just gorgeous…he really makes the most beautiful marks which you have to admire, even if you don’t share his post-apocalyptic vision

Henk 2

Henk 3

Henk 1

Henk 4

The lecture looked good


but we wanted to race up to the museum to catch the penultimate day of the Ai Wei Wei zodiac show…

ai wei wei 2

and then, since we had 7 more minutes, we looked at some ceramics including this beautiful and very old plate from Iran…glad that things from that ancient and lovely middle-eastern culture exist in places around the world as the destruction goes on…

bowl, Iran, 10th c.

and, finally…we stopped.

Park kitchen1


Park Kitchen 3

sitting at the Park Kitchen, glad to be sitting, noting the construction site next door…


the waiter said it will be a boutique hotel…here’s the whole view…


a quick step into the new PNCA…PNCA

on to two short plays at Blackfish Gallery in memory of Harry Widman, and then finally on to Caruthers street where some of the last tomatoes were on the counter, ready for Sunday sauce-making…

Cruthers Street toinah

and we learned that when Sidney sees this last picture in the Berenstain Bear Book he says…”Nana.”





We were up at Sidney’s house over the weekend and his Mommy gave him the smartest haircut I’ve ever seen.  Sidney doesn’t watch TV and only a few videos, but he loves to watch.  On this day he got to watch a Thomas the Train video …

Haircut 1

His mommy worked away while he watched…

thumb 2thumb 3thumb 1

and when he said “NO”…she stopped the video…and then restarted when he wanted to keep watching…

all done 1

haircut 2

no yelling, no talking at all…and it came out adorable.



Clearing-the-Head Car Wash


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Change of season, switching gears, sigh…start over…shut the studio door…but first…tomorrow (Wednesday 9-9-15) talk about the red and white quilts now on view at the Corvallis Art Center, noon, 700 Madison, Corvallis…

alphabet log cabin"Instructions" detail 1kimono log cabin detail

But I don’t like speaking in public very much, so naturally Thursday I’ll be giving a demonstration of hand-quilting at the Studios-at-the-Mill, hands-on though so come….

Mill 2

and you can see my “new” studio, next door to the old studio…

9-8-15/4 studio

and it will all be fun…but not as much as today when we did “CARWASH”!!!

IMG_5764 9-8-15 CW/1 9-8-15 CW/49-8-15 CW/39-8-15 CW/2

9-8-15 CW/5


What Was Art Laundry?


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Carolyn took the last load out of the dryer yesterday…

last load

and we packed up, taking only a little bit of time to reflect on what happened here after we walked into a cavernous unlit space on August 24…


We brought art supplies, ironing boards, sewing machines, mannequins, tables and chairs and “set up shop”.  We worked in the space 8:30 to 6 most days, we did not do the work we thought we’d do and we did do and think about things that hadn’t occurred to us before we started.

The lasting thoughts we take away are that shared narratives are a strong thread between friends and strangers, that the smallest tasks carry big memories and relate in many ways to other things we do, that visual art is pretty inclusive and not exclusive, and that community, place, making art and gathering together adds a dimension to one’s work.  We made much less art work than we thought we would, and had a lot more interesting dialogs with each other and with our visitors than we had imagined.  211 Commercial was a pretty hard place to transform, but we had fun trying and our visitors had fun too.  Image-based people prefer images, so here are a few from our Art Laundry run…

sewing machinesewing machine 2

sign in

Peggy ironingIMG_5983

Peggy and Bob


Art Laundry

Carolyn and Q

Mom shrine

how to iron a shirt


crow girl


Laura as a crow

ironing 1

dressing the white girl

coffee girl

We had an opening…


Sidney came…

Sidney mask

Krista became a collaborator…getting into the spirit of things by switching out her table and bringing her own ironing board…

KristaKristaKrista leaves

and by Friday we tidied up..

art laundry 1-4



and said goodbye…

IMG_5630crow selfieCarolyn departs




Art Laundry, Day 6


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We’re still ironing, still drawing, doing a bit of mending…talking a lot about housework, sewing, raising families as artistic expression…a great deal of reexamination of the lives of mothers by almost all our visitors…more about that when we sum up.  Sunday will be a day of rest and relaxation…Monday we’ll be back on duty representing Salem Art Association’s Project Space, 2015 at 211 Commercial Street NE and hoping you’ll come down and bring ironing or just join the conversation…in the mean time some images…

Carolyn and Q

Gallery sitter Krista Lauer got into the spirit of things by switching out her table for an ironing board….


we’ve had many many visitors…so many that they all begin to look alike…?

Jo and Jim


Carol and Joni

Joan and Evan

Mary Lou, Kate and Sara





There have been offerings…tonight we sampled Jo’s YUMMY biscotti


Drawing is progressing slowly due to talking, but progressing…


IMG_5630 IMG_5631cardinal

Carolyn’s friend Cec arrived in the middle of her camping trip for a hello dinner…


See you Monday!


Art Laundry, Day 3


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Carolyn Schneider and I have just completed the third day of “Art Laundry II”, part of Salem Art Association’s Project Space, 2015.  Our proposal was to work in the space daily and build an installation where we examined the threads between “women’s domestic work” and art work.  How they might be similar, how they might be different, does sewing relate to drawing, does painting relate to mending, does collage relate to all of it and then…what about ironing?  Each day (except Sunday, August 30) until September 4th Carolyn and I will be at 211 Commercial St NE from 2-6.


We started with a big empty space…and are slowly filling it…


art laundry 1-4

art Laundry 1-1

before lights

(Ross said it reminded him of post-Katrina New Orleans)


Today we got light bulbs…


During the hours 2-4 we will be ironing.  Yesterday we did linen blouses, men’s shirts, hankies…today somebody brought in sheets and another brought in pillow cases.  Carolyn loves to iron and it has been a fascinating discussion of ironing techniques, householding in general and the things mothers used to do…everybody seems to agree with…”Start with the collar”…

ironing 1


There’s drawing…


drawing 3


Masks are part of it…




Laura stylin' Laura as a crow Laura/Ronan

Dave and San

and a few family members showed up too…


We have chairs, we have fun, we have art, we having ironing, we have discourse…come on down!





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