Person-Shaped Nature…


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Lots is going on in the person-manipulated natural world today in Salem.  First a visit to Gaiety Hollow, the Lord and Schryver home garden, where a crew of volunteers were putting down newspaper mulch in an effort to tame the hideous aegopodium…a nasty weed.


wet papers

on to Martha’s where Big Trees Today (I love them, they planted our dogwood) were arriving to plant four big and beautiful Katsuma trees in full fall foliage…


root balls






I had to leave…three more to go!!  By evening she’ll have a fall grove in the front garden.

Then on to the creek to see what David Craig has been up to…he’s a wit you know…

creek 1



a beautiful day to stand on the Church Street bridge…


and now off to celebrate the auspicious 45th anniversary!


The Waller Chamberlin House, 2014


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This post is probably going to be in the “too much information” category for most of you…but I HAVE to do it.  It does, however, explain why it has been so quiet from these parts for awhile.  We’ve been hunkering down while this very old house has been thoroughly gone over, repaired and painted in the most efficient and respectful way possible.  We didn’t believe anybody could do as thorough a job as R did in 1985 when he spent the entire summer removing siding and prepping and repainting this house.


R painting the house



Now of course, we didn’t realize in 1985 that this house was built in 1849, moved twice, added on to several times….including that we ourselves would put an addition on in 1995.  That was information and activity that was still ahead for us.

We bought the house still clad in aluminum siding in 1980 when it looked like this:2:1

We sold the aluminum siding we removed and got $300…!


When this group was sitting on the porch (1903), the house was already 54 years old, had been moved once and would be moved again (1913), and had it’s first addition (1893).  It had double doors then, but not when we bought it…that discovery and restoration was still ahead for us…1903

Front door 198522

But that was then, and now…well time has passed, let’s just say.  The most excellent SAM JONES and his crew of seven scraped, sanded, caulked, primed twice (12 gallons of primer) repaired, replaced…well it was amazing to watch.  2 coats of paint and three on the south side for a total of 50 gallons of paint…in 10 days….and it looked like this:

cracked board


…oops, cracked and rotting boards…


R taking photo through lathe











they stopped and made lunch every day….in their own microwave…


and now, a quiet Sunday of sweeping, raking, and putting things back in place…but this old lady is ready for another decade or two…

all done




The Block a Month Club


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Kate and I agreed to do the Moda block-a-month challenge mostly as a way to see each other at least once a month and have a coffee!  We picked up our first block pattern and fabric Friday and then sat in the sun a drank coffee…and then R and I came away to the beach after taking down my Project Space stuff…IMG_0565

arriving just in time to race to the beach and catch the sunset…not a cloud in the sky…

sunset J Young

Not a cloud

…but today, when it was 95 in the valley, it was cool and misty here.  We did take a bike ride, but then I decided to attack my block.  The number ONE block has flying geese and HSTs…it requires pinning, careful careful seam allowances, not my usual mode of operation (I don’t like following patterns too much) but it was fun…

square 2

During the year we’ll make 12-12″ blocks, plus with additional blocks it will look like this…

the whole q

so here it is…a 12″ square…

FIRST square

BUT, of course I noticed there were a few scraps…


so I decided I will make a 6″ block of just serendipity, with the scraps from each month’s block…and then see what I get…tomorrow back to the steamy valley.


Quilt Group: September


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We met at Berneice’s yesterday and it was fascinating.  This group ranges from maniacs to traditional quilters, newbys to old hands, all encouraged and accepted, which makes every meeting a pure delight…plus seeing where people live and work is interesting…Berneice’s cheerful, tidy and very lovely house is just like her.  B 1B- pots

Her fridge front is full of family photos and stacks of gorgeous pots are everywhere as her son is a potter…but we came to see the quilts.  Berneice works by hand.  She often pieces by hand, she does lots of applique, and she totally quilts by hand with the tiniest needle I’ve ever seen.  Her work is beautiful…take a look:

B- hexies

B sampler

B stitching

applique detail

…and a few flimsies…

coast project

B- f2

B- f1

B- applique

and this amazing one…thankfully not quilted yet so we could see her hand piecing….

F 3

hand pieced

this friendship quilt won her a blue ribbon at the State Fair…

Blue ribbon

and carries this label…


and here’s where the quilting goes on…(the quilt on the frame is for a new grandbaby)


the sewing room is familiar…

sewing room

Another friendship quilt…all hand quilted of course…

yellow friendship

I got an applique lesson (sorely needed), we had coffee and chatted and did some hand work…talking about future projects (Sue Spargo time coming up for Berneice and Linda and Deanna!)

B- Spargo

idle hands…never in this house!  Thanks Berneice!!

B coasters



Cutler City…the Summer ends….


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Okay, maybe you’ve had enough of Cutler City…but if not, here’s a little more….the Bay House Restaurant is the structure at the far right…Cutler City Cafe in those days…CC and Bay HouseAuto camp

Here’s the original Crab Pot under construction…

building of the Crab pot

and we used to have a dock back in the day…(Tyko once told me it was to load timber…but the Bay is too shallow for boats now…note no houses on Salishan spit)


by the 1960’s the dock looked like this…

60's dock

and today there is just a trace left…

dock remnants

The possible city names back in 1965 were “Miracle Beach, Lincoln City, Miracle City, Surfland, and Holiday Beach.”  Lincoln City won by a margin of 3 votes.  2015 will be the 50th anniversary of Lincoln City as an entity so there will be more tidbits to come, I bet.

But this past week was the full summer week…where chores were integrated with fun.r cauklking


we took a trip to Local Ocean for lunch…

R Local Ocean

and discovered they have opened a new dining room upstairs…with an elevator to get there!

dining room 1

and we stopped for ginger scones at Panini in Nye Beach for the next morning…

ginger scones

the sky was beautiful…

cutler sky


…this little house is for sale…

for sale 1

When R picked huckleberries out of the side yard for our yoghurt…


it reminded me of the Rhoades family’s days at Cosmic Cottage…

hucleberry drawing

so we closed up summer shop…

water the plaNTS

and took the amazing Schooner Creek Road home…10 gorgeous miles….

Schooner Creek 1

before you hit the clear cut…

clear cut





Cutler City, Oregon

Let’s back track a little.  Cutler City, site of our aforementioned beach house, is at the far south end of the “Ten Miracles Miles” known as “Lincoln City” (a made-up name used to designate the small towns of Ocean Lake, Delake, Nelscott, Taft and Cutler City, which became as one in March of 1965).  Historically the land belonged to the native people, of course.  White people claimed, sometimes purchased, land along the coast starting in the 1870’s.  Development was sparse and occasional for many years though, as there was no access point from Portland or the valley until 1927.  Cutler City though was part of an allotment belonging to a Siletz tribe couple whose grandson Charley DePoe sold the land to George and Mary Ann Cutler in 1913.  They immediately established the Cutler Town Site and sold lots…1st, 2nd and 3rd streets (present day Ebb, Fleet and Galley).

C.E. Munkers Richfield gas station, Cutler City, June 1943. EARLY GAS STATION

Early houses here like ours were little fishing shacks thrown on the sand.  When the road came through in 1927, building picked up…and then a post-war boom in the late 1940’s.  It was always a working person’s town.  Always.

We are preservationists of a sort.  We wrote and established an historic district in Salem.  We understand gentrification, and have watched it here in Cutler City as affordable housing for working people has been scooped up by people from “away”…people like us who found the ultimate luxury of living an hour and 15 minutes door to door from the beach.  We love this little burg.  We have suppressed all urges to make THIS an historic district.  We have tried to honor our full-time neighbors, and they in turn have been good neighbors to us. 

The houses are close together…


and in all these years we have never complained.  As I look at the “comments” from my last post, and think about Cutler City and our current situation, I maintain that it is right for me to be mad at Tim.  He has owned his house for almost 30 years.  His parents lived here…in fact his Mom was living here when we bought our house (and she was a GREAT gardener).  He knows that this is a neighborhood of small and nicely kept cottages.  It isn’t necessary for a house to look like this just because people don’t have much money…


when you could do this…

blue stuff

But of course we are lucky.  We have a back secluded patio…

back patio

back yard


we just three steps from Josephine Young park (formerly Gibb’s Point)…where today the fog was rolling in and the Bay had disappeared…

fog at JY

and though the Kernville Steak House is a total loss…

Kernville 2

Kernville 1

Allen Black is going to rebuild the Crab Pot here in Cutler.  Though it will never look like this again…


it will be fun to watch something new arise from the ashes.






Happy to be Here…Mostly


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I’m sort of mad today.  Our beach time in this house dates from 1992.  Our neighborhood is adorable…





Rugosas and their rose hips line the path to the beach…

rugosas on beach pathrosehipsbay path

the view of the Bay constantly changes and always enchants…

Bay view

…but there is a fly in the ointment.  Tim.  He owns the house next door and for most of the years since we came he used it as his own beach house.  But then he started renting it out.  We’ve had several families with tons of kids, a trampoline with three little girls who shrieked in delight three hours a day all summer, a man whose dog shredded all the blinds and used our yard as a potty stop, a very nice handicapped man who was quiet as can be…a few gardeners who worked wonders…even one summer where the house stood quietly empty all summer.  But this year we have a different story…a junk dealer who has turned a pretty back yard with a hot tub and a pear tree into this…

Tim's backyard

backyard 2

…and the FRONT yard, well, that’s gone…

Tim's front yrd

I’m wishing there were ordinances against this sort of thing…but it’s Lincoln City..zoning free as near as we can tell…R has brought me a big drink (San Pellegrino) in the goldfish glass…deep breath….

goldfish glass

Blueberry Chutney…Again…


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blueberries 2

Well I was wanting to make that yummy blueberry Chutney I made last year (once again with blueberries from Minto Island Growers) and I could NOT find the recipe…then I noted that somebody had clicked on “Blueberry Chutney” on my blog and…VOILA… there it was from last summer…from the Oregonian Cookbook of 2012, (page 240) from Greg Higgins…YUM.  (Kind weird to reference your own self?)

Blueberry Chutney

4 cups fresh berries

1 large yellow onion, finely chopped (half the berries and shallots work too, for a smaller batch…)

1/2 c. red or white wine vinegar

1/3 c. firmly packed brown sugar

1/3 c. cried cherries (golden raisins work well)

2 Tblsp minced fresh ginger

2 Tblsp minced garlic

2 Tblsp curry powder (preferably Madras)

2 tsp yellow or brown mustard seeds

1/2 tsp salt

3 Tblsp chopped fresh mint

Sterilize 4 1/2 pint jars…(because this chutney will be stored in the fridge you don’t need to use canning jars).  Fill with hot water until needed

in a heavy bottomed pot combine berries, onion, vinegar, brown sugar, dried cherries, ginger, garlic, curry powder, mustard seeds, and salt.  Bring to a boil, then reduce heat; simmer until the onions are very tender and the chutney is very tender and the chutney has thickened, about 20 to 25 minutes.  Stir often to avoid scorching.  Remove from heat and let cool before adding mint.

Spoon the mixture into the jars, attach lids and refrigerator.  Chutney will keep for at lest 3 to 4 weeks…good with Salmon, tuna, poultry, pork…we haven’t found anything it isn’t good on….

real blueberrieschutney cookbookblueberries

Japanese Quilts: “Wishes Through Our Hands”


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Currently showing (until October 5) at the La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum in La Conner, Washington, is a remarkable show of Japanese quilts…quilts made in response to the disastrous tsunami that decimated the eastern part of Japan three years ago.  Nearly 9000 quits were made and sent by American and Japanese quilters to comfort and warm survivors.  A group of young Japanese quilters began a quilt group in the disaster affected area to “encourage the mind-lost women” still in temporary housing.

This show is a variety of quilts by an older group of quilters who are showing their work for the 9th time in La Conner.  The quilts are beautiful, and express the many feelings and emotions of Japanese women about their country and the disaster.  The group of quilters did not want photos, but this quilt is the one the museum used for publicity…all hand quilting… and the use of material from old kimonos… the appliqued circles with embroidered links represent the inter-connectedness of all people.

Q 1


On the Museum’s top floor (the museum is in an elegant Victorian house) there was a great view of the Skagit river,


and the absolutely sensational quilts of Junko Maeda.  Junko Maeda is a lover of the old Japanese cotton fabrics which are disappearing as synthetics take over the market.  For 45 years she has collected Japanese natural fiber textiles such as silk, linen and cotton.  She includes in her collection, and in her quilts, dish towels…


JM 6


JM diapers

and a whole variety of fabrics, pieced and hand quilted…and it’s this quilting that brought me to La Conner…WELL worth a trip.

Works of JM

JM 2

JM plaid

JM 7

JM 5

JM 3

JM 4

portland cement

…and, of course, my personal favorite…the “H” motif!  I’d better start practicing!

JM "H"





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