Art Laundry, Day 6


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We’re still ironing, still drawing, doing a bit of mending…talking a lot about housework, sewing, raising families as artistic expression…a great deal of reexamination of the lives of mothers by almost all our visitors…more about that when we sum up.  Sunday will be a day of rest and relaxation…Monday we’ll be back on duty representing Salem Art Association’s Project Space, 2015 at 211 Commercial Street NE and hoping you’ll come down and bring ironing or just join the conversation…in the mean time some images…

Carolyn and Q

Gallery sitter Krista Lauer got into the spirit of things by switching out her table for an ironing board….


we’ve had many many visitors…so many that they all begin to look alike…?

Jo and Jim


Carol and Joni

Joan and Evan

Mary Lou, Kate and Sara





There have been offerings…tonight we sampled Jo’s YUMMY biscotti


Drawing is progressing slowly due to talking, but progressing…


IMG_5630 IMG_5631cardinal

Carolyn’s friend Cec arrived in the middle of her camping trip for a hello dinner…


See you Monday!


Art Laundry, Day 3


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Carolyn Schneider and I have just completed the third day of “Art Laundry II”, part of Salem Art Association’s Project Space, 2015.  Our proposal was to work in the space daily and build an installation where we examined the threads between “women’s domestic work” and art work.  How they might be similar, how they might be different, does sewing relate to drawing, does painting relate to mending, does collage relate to all of it and then…what about ironing?  Each day (except Sunday, August 30) until September 4th Carolyn and I will be at 211 Commercial St NE from 2-6.


We started with a big empty space…and are slowly filling it…


art laundry 1-4

art Laundry 1-1

before lights

(Ross said it reminded him of post-Katrina New Orleans)


Today we got light bulbs…


During the hours 2-4 we will be ironing.  Yesterday we did linen blouses, men’s shirts, hankies…today somebody brought in sheets and another brought in pillow cases.  Carolyn loves to iron and it has been a fascinating discussion of ironing techniques, householding in general and the things mothers used to do…everybody seems to agree with…”Start with the collar”…

ironing 1


There’s drawing…


drawing 3


Masks are part of it…




Laura stylin' Laura as a crow Laura/Ronan

Dave and San

and a few family members showed up too…


We have chairs, we have fun, we have art, we having ironing, we have discourse…come on down!






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Though I haven’t been writing about my sewing practice much at all, in my real life I’ve been doing little else but stitching stitching.  Stitching.  Thursday I delivered eight red and white quilts to the Corvallis Art Center where they will be on view September 1-27, in two small venues at the Art Center called The Corrine Woodman Gallery.  The main show will be two well-known quilters Bonnie Bucknam and Linda McLaughlin.  I’ll be “giving remarks” (uh oh…) at a brown-bag lunch “moment” at noon on Wednesday, September 9th.  If you can take time to see the show, I’d appreciate some feedback.


The exhibition curator Hester Coucke specifically requested the red and white quilts so I have included four older quilts, three new quilts made for this show, and one “rescue quilt” (an old vintage top bought at a thrift store and quilted by me.)  The concatenations of stitches running through all eight quilts bring together my life for at least the last eight years or so…many are named for places (New Mexico, Italy, Seattle, Shaw Island), places where I worked on them or dreamed them up…all include found fabric, all are hand-quilted.  Here’s a peek…

Italian Red and white during

Italian Red and white

alphabet log cabin


New Mexico during


Straight from Belgium

red scraps

Shaw Island during


If I wish I had counted something it would be how many times I’ve threaded a needle…


IMG_5921into the car

(Luckily I was able to get a professional art mover for this…)


Phew.  On to the next…Art Laundry starts this Monday…Public ironing daily 2-4 except Sunday…opening Wednesday September 2.  An installation considering art work, women’s work, and the spaces between.  Bonnie Hull and Carolyn Schneider…211 Commercial Street NE…come see us.  Daily between August 24th and September 4th, except for Sunday August 30th (when we’ll need to go to the movies…)

Scanned Image

Art Laundry 2


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In 2012 I went to Fort Bragg, California, to make art with my friend artist Carolyn Schneider, and to put up a show called “Art Laundry” at the Lost Coast Culture Machine Gallery.  We had fun, worked hard, and the show was a success and held over for another month.  Carolyn discovered her latent desire to iron in public, I had a great time drawing, sewing, etc.  I made the “Shrine to Plaid”…

art laundry 3

..and put up drawings, quilts, monoprints.  This year Carolyn is coming to Salem and together we are going to make an installation called “Art Laundry 2″…as part of SAlem Art Association’s Project Space 2015…

Scanned Image

We’ll be setting up shop at 211 NE Commercial Street from August 24-September 4, with the “opening” on Wednesday, September 2nd.  We intend to draw, cut, sew, wash, dry, mend, iron, fold and repeat.  We hope to consider art work and women’s work, and the space between.  Public ironing will occur daily from 1-2…come see us.

looking to the front







Road trip to Wallace, Idaho


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Time for the Wallace High School all-class reunion again.  We packed all the important stuff and headed east/northeast…


We stopped in Mosier in the Gorge…Louis Bunce spent a few summers in Mosier back in the 1930’s with the Givlers and others…R wanted to get a feel for it.

Mosier post office

Mosier bldg

We headed across Washington and by now the heat was about 102 degrees…and against all odds R found a picnic table in the shade…possibly not the loveliest picnic spot in the Northwest BUT…IN THE SHADE!


Eventually we arrived in Wallace, Idaho…


and checked in to the Stardust Hotel, built in 1962…the year R graduated from Wallace High.  Synchronicity in all things.

Starduest by daYFor the Hulls of Wallace this is really a family reunion.  None of them live in Wallace anymore, but all have been influenced by growing up in a place like Wallace.  When the Hull kids were growing up it was a mining town.  Their Dad Piatt, their uncle Alden and their grandfather H.J. were attorneys in Wallace, and the windows still gleam down from the now empty space…


Over the course of the weekend we met  up with 5 of the 6 sibs and 2 nieces, but the first night it was Jennifer, George and Fanny, Carolyn and Terry Lee, and we headed to the Smokehouse for some BBQ…

Fanny contemplate BBQand a long funny evening of remembering…

Fat tire

There were breakfasts and various events, but mostly the reunion stuff was at night…leaving the days for wandering the town…

Shonsone Building

arrow sign


and heading to the Red Light Garage…

Red Light Garage

milkshake machine

for a huckleberry milk shake (and yes easterners…huckleberries are NOT blueberries)…

huckleberry shakes

before the tour of former Hull houses.  We started with 202 River Street because we had been invited to see the progress the new owners had made in making it into a B&B…  It was the first house of R’s Wallace experience, one they moved into in 1949 arriving from New York.  Talk about culture shock…but it’s looking good…


a drive by 313 Cedar…(1955-1963)…


and then 224 Cedar…originally the grandparents house, and then Piatt and Fanny’s house from 1963-1993.  It is being kept impeccably, but all trees and shrubs have been eliminated giving it a sort of “stranded” look…


to those of us who remember it this way…


Past the houses now, up into the hills,

setting up fpr slippery gulch

a dinner under a tent and then, when darkness falls (earlier than elsewhere because of the mountains…) the fun begins.  Words fail…it’s crazy, not like anyplace I’ve ever been, the streets are blocked off, the middle-aged business men in Wallace dress in drag for Slippery Gulch where they dance the Can Can and Swan Lake…I mean, really.  Friends and family meet and greet…too much fun.


Day/Nite Rock

gulch 2

gulch 1

can can


and the blue moon rises…

blue moon

We avoided the 1910 experience…the reason why the downtown is mostly brick…(Tim Egan’s “the Big Burn” tells the tale)

1910 fire

Sunday we head home down through the wheat country, which is beautiful to see…


wheat 2

past towns with familiar names…(and we really could have used an iced coffee right about here…)


In Wallace we had no internet, which enhanced the sense of it being a place out of time…just this beautiful country without thinking of the politics or the candidates or the gun mayhem…just this beautiful country.  Heading home.

heading home


The Coolest Thing I Did Today


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It was 99 degrees today, with 104 predicted for tomorrow…just now at 8:30 p.m. I’m opening the house for a wisp of breeze.  I DO believe in global warming, btw.

But here’s the coolest thing I did today…a long lunch and a warm and lovely conversation with my friend Nadia…in from Tunisia.  She writes a blog of great charm and interest…a blog that reviews her 40 years of living in Tunisia, as well as the current troubles…check it out.  We “met” on the internet, but it turns out she was born in Salem, where I live.  Her Dad was a colleague of R’s in our early days.  Her Mom was a spinner and weaver of great local reputation.  She fled, as children often do…and in Paris she met her future husband.  The rest is history.

But today we talked about quilting, sewing, work, family, grandchildren, dying, accumulated stuff and what to do with it…and DRAWING.  She let me peek into her two drawing books she takes everywhere with her…and I grabbed a couple of photos of her “selfies”…(she got her hair cut!)

Nadia 1

Nadia 2

Her “world” is convoluted and a bit scary just now, but she is a strong woman.  I love you Nadia.  Stay safe.

and for Larry Von Gray…here was the other cool thing I did…

carwash 1 carwash 2 carwash 3

Taking the Short Cut


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We had to leave the beach today…IMG_5163

but when we got to the highway it was (as Doug would say) “a parking lot.”  As we inched north we decided to take the “secret” shortcut…(I trust you not to tell anyone),IMG_5773

(YAY…it was raining!)IMG_5774

and head up Schooner Creek…IMG_5776

When we got the beach house years ago our friend Don told us about the Schooner Creek road…his grandma had a house in Cutler City and they often used the “secret” route.  Maybe twice a summer season we use it, and today was the day…IMG_5777

The road follows the lovely Schooner Creek about thirteen beautiful miles on a gravel road…(you can see my quilt reflected in the window lest you think I was just riding and not working…) eventually rejoining the highway at Rose Lodge.IMG_5778


this is a clear cut replanted in 2006…IMG_5782

and this one needs a little work…IMG_5784

There isn’t much around out there…IMG_5783

but eventually we made it home to water the limelightsIMG_5175

have dinner on the deck…


and enjoy the white flowers in the dusky garden, coming on alarmingly early but beautiful  nonetheless…IMG_5183


Sidney Day


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We started our Mondays with Sidney about a year ago.  Each day is a gem, and with a person of Sidney’s age you have to live pretty much in the moment.  “Living in the moment” for some of us involves image making…of course.  In reviewing the images from today though I was struck by how much he has grown this past year.  Take a look…delight, concentration, reading and his friends…Elmo and Ted and Bunny pretty much are in attendance these days.



Elmo, Sidney, Bunny & Ted

Bunny and Ted

Sidney Reads to Ted



A Refreshing Interlude


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The thing I really like about the car wash is that you will never see the same image twice…it will always be slightly different.  Each trip through is like a short performance…you enter, you wait and then suddenly you are inside a dynamic set of images…fantastic.  and then when you come out…your car is clean.  All good.

Carwash 1IMG_5051carwash 2IMG_5056

Beating the Heat


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The weather forecast for today was for 100 degrees here in the valley, so we needed a strategy.  It was clear the deck was out as it was already blazing by 9:00 a.m….


so we grabbed our stuff…



and headed south to Corvallis to pick up a car-load of reupholstered furniture…

chairs and then an iced coffee.  We decided we’d stop at the Corvallis Art Center where I’ll be showing quilts in September, just to check the wall space I’ll have, but it wasn’t open yet, so there was a moment of communing with nature AND iced coffee…


and after I checked the walls we looked at the show that just opened…


I loved Pat Boas’ “nonalphabetical” pieces…about text as stacked and layered letters…

Pat Boas 4

Pat Boas 5

Pat Boas 3 Pat Boas 2Pat Boas 1

and thought Robert Tomlinson’s pieces handsome with text buried and glimmering through layers of paint and collage…

"'Stream' Train Bells"

though the gallery, in an old church, is a great space…the windows, and occasionally the photographer, tend to show up in the glass fronts…

reflecting on art

They just dropped the gallery into the church…

gallery 2

gallery 1

We headed north and began thinking of lunch…hmmm…maybe Left Coast Cellars…yup, they were open.

Left Coast tasting room



…and after a leisurely lunch we headed home through the vines…


and the valley singing with heat.  99 degrees by 5:30.  Yikes.

IMG_5094It’s still in the 80’s late in the evening…and tomorrow maybe 95.  Ahhhh, longing for the beach….:-)




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