Kristin Kuhns at Salem Public Library


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Save the DATE!…and that date is Saturday, April 11, 2015.  10:00 a.m.  Artist Kristin Kuhns and the Salem Public Library will be unveiling Kristin’s two pieces for the entrances (one on each floor) to the children’s room at the library.  Library staff was intent that when Children enter the library they know EXACTLY where to go…and there will be no mistake.  Kristin has been working on the project for a year and the work has included felling trees, building a wide variety of fauna (all native to Oregon),  constructing trees for habitat for the birds and animals she has made, hand painting and finishing all the “critters” while also making a program for installation.  Bases needed to be made, giant drill bits and the logistics of attaching the pieces to the Library’s concrete walls, all a bit overwhelming to me… but well within Kristin’s range, impressive and beautiful.  Take a look at the progress as the year has passed…

CR entrance

CR concept drawing

CR the tree

CR bark removal

CR sources 1

CR bunny at the begining

CR begiinning of painting

CR studio

CR beaver

CR birdCR little owlCR baby bat

CR sources 2Kristiin with hawk

CR Crows:ravena


CR tree 1

CR Kuhns and fawn

CR fawn

CR "The Trees" in the studio

CR Trees ini studio 3


CR poster

You won’t want to miss it…!!




The Horner Collection


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We stopped in Philomath the other day to check in with Irene Zenev at the Benton County Historical Society Museum.  There they also house the Horner Collection, formerly at OSU but transferred in 2008 to Benton County.  On the Horner Colection website is a nice slide show of the moving of this collection…the result of the collecting of John Horner…

Mr: Horner

And the challenge of the collection is that includes sooo much.  We were there, for instance, to see a Louis Bunce PWA painting (the predecessor of the WPA in the depression)…”the Butchers”…1934 (Bunce actually worked in a meat packing plant as a young man…)

The Butchers

but we got to see much much more, including the beautiful new storage system…

Modern shelving

fabric & rugs

the 1965 departmental computer from OSU…(and your iPhone has more power and capactiy than this unit!)

computer outside

computer inside

the original sign that inspired Bernard Malamud’s novel title “The Fixer” (Malamud spent a year at OSU long ago)


some Darrel Austin paintings from the WPA years…

Darrel AustinDarrel Austin 2



detail of a Yakima tribal canoe being returned to the tribe…

Yakima canoe detail

and then the amazing Taxidermy collection…(I forgot the picture of the full sized adult Moose…)



taxidermy 2


along with this photo showing a float in a 1910 parade in Corvallis…the Taxidermy collection out for a ride!

the taxidermy float

Amazed and delighted we said our goodbyes and headed for the beach where Saturday was sunny and mild, and Sunday was not too blustery for a bike ride…

lunchbike ride

My Life So Far


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I published this on my birthday in 2009-13, took a year off last year, but I still think it tells the first part of my story, and I love the old photos of the little me…

Today (3-23)  is my birthday and I’ve attained a certain age.  I have plans, things to do, places to go.  But today I’m looking back.


(I tried to cut my own bangs–oops.)

For a few years after “the war” I was an only child.  We lived in an apartment in Chicago where I played.

buggy-me snow-me1 bike-me

I REALLY wanted to be a “cowgirl.”  I dreamed of the far west.  I idolized Hopalong Cassidy.


While I was running around the suburban streets pretending to be this and that, my parents were building a new house and having a new baby (or three…).


I noticed immediately that the driveway made a PERFECT stage:

driveway-1 dress-up-me

Time passed and many new houses were built filling up the street.  New brothers arrived, new cars.


Eventually they all moved into a bigger  house, but by then I was gone, starting a new life.  I moved to the far west to be a cowgirl.

Here’s to another year of fun, out on the ranch…!

Totally Random Friday…


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No organized thoughts tonight.  No real focus.  So many things and events, moments, people, streaking through my brain…images to tell the tale…a visit to the Saward Collection…


Henk Pander…

7800 Insterstate Henk 1

William Givler…

William Givler

George Johanson…white paintings…


George Johanson 1

Harry Widman…

Harry Widman

Ruth Patterson Hart




Sidney 1

Barbara Rowland…








Salem Sketchers…



the taxes…


Reading and thinking…


early morning…





Big red Grid quilt



Uke teacher’s notes…

ukulele teacher notes


confluenceConfluence 2confluence 3



My life

I’m thinking I might need to go to the beach to reorganize my thinking?




Roger Hull/Myra Wiggins


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Just a reminder…This Sunday, March 15, 2015, at 2:00 PM at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem, Roger Hull will give a lecture on the photographer Myra Wiggins…”Art References, Art Echoes in the Photography of Myra Albert Wiggins.”

Hull has curated a nice show of Wiggins’ photos now on view (until April 26)  at the museum.  Wiggins grew up as Myra Albert here in Salem.  She was early to have a camera and took it with her everywhere, including to NYC where she studied painting with William Merritt Chase at the Art Students League.  Included in this exhibition are some of the images she made of her apartment and studio while she was in New York, her wedding photo made here in Salem and some other Salem images, as well as the photos she went on to make that earned her an international reputation.  She was a member of Alfred Stieglitz’ group the The Photo-Secession, one of three in Oregon (with Sarah Ladd and Lily White).  She photographed seriously until about 1910 when she turned back to painting.  See you there!!


Zena Zezza


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In November of 1974, in New York City, the artist Jean Dupuy spent 9 hours making soup and then invited people to come to The Kitchen, have some soup and bread and apple tart and watch 38 artists each present a 2 minute performance, reading, dance, musical piece, poem, story…whatever.  It was called “Soup & Tart”.

Saturday night in Portland Sandra Percival, project director for Zena Zezza, recreated this event, Portland style, in the historic 1857 building (now under restoration) at Oak and Naito Parkway.  (Bread was courtesy of Phillipe’s bread, apple tart from Frice Pastry, and wines from P-S Wines.)  We went along as we knew one participant (Abigail Susik who was assisting Kris Cohen) and because we were curious to see the interior of 1857…here’s Percival addressing the assembled…


The soup was good (vegetarian and organic…it IS Portland)…views of the original event were projected on the wall…


The building is the oldest commercial building in Portland and was built in 1857 by Absalom Hallock.  Originally it had an early cast-iron facade…one of 18 Hallock built (none of which survive.)  in 1894 it looked like this, the smaller building on the left.Hallock in 1894

It was unfortunately renovated in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s, and now looks like this…

Hallock now

but developer John Russell intends to recast the iron facade and return the building to it’s 1857 glory.  He has cleared out the interior, so now back to Zena Zezza.  Here’s the interior of the building now…





After soup and bread and tart we climbed upstairs and the performances began.  It was a long evening (one wag said it was sort of like an art school talent show) but there were some great moments.  I didn’t get photos of any of my favorite performances, but here was the look of it…




but my favorites were film historian and theater critic Robert Sitton‘s “Directions on how to land an egg”…Laura Heit‘s fluttering animation, Katie Shook‘s interactive and hilarious puppet theater.  It was a memorable evening.  Watch for Zena Zezza events for interesting and thought-provoking work.

Barbara Rowland, 1948 – 2015


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The photographer Barbara Rowland was such a talented presence in our art community.  I met her at the first Project Space, some years ago.  She walked around and around Salem taking photos, was never without a camera.  Because she was a wily photographer she was also good at avoiding being photographed herself…but I did get a few shots of her…here she is with Phil Krug on the mezzanine of the old Metropolitan store…site of two Project Space events.

PS 3 Barbara and Phil


PS 3

The very first year of Project Space I was doing a time-based project, mapping the sun’s passage over the course of the month.  Barbara often came by to check the progress and chat, and took my favorite photo of myself…

Barbara me

Barbara was talented, lively, funny, compassionate…I’ll miss her eye.  The Hallie Ford Museum of Art owns a few of her photos.  Barbara’s son Craig lives in Salem and has the photo archive of Barbara’s work.

After a long year struggling with lung cancer, Barbara chose to use the Oregon Death with Dignity option and left us two weeks ago, surrounded by her family.  I’ll miss her and her particular point of view.



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Well if you blinked this week you’ve almost missed it…Mary Lou Zeek’s current POP-UP gallery show, “BLINK”, which is a nice show…four rooms of painting, sculpture, work on paper…a wide variety of artists represented…a handsome show.  I went to the artists’ reception and of course it was too crowded and filled with friends for very good reportage on my part…but here are some miscellaneous impressions…you still have two days to get on down there!  First the work…Carol Hausser…

Blink 3

Paula Booth…

Blink 8

Elizabeth Bauman…

Blink 2

Patricia Giraud…

Blink 1


Blink 5


Blink 6


link 14

…and the people…

Blink 10

Blink 11

Blink 7

Blink 13

BVlink 12

Blink 9

You still have time to check it out!

Blink 4


Clay Ball


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Last night was the annual Clay Ball art auction to benefit the Salem Art Association.  Money was raised, art changed hands, friends were greeted…


But the fun this year was the hats…glamorous or fanciful…Clay Ball 2

Clay Ball

Clay Ball 1

Clay Ball 8

some chose to wear “virtual” hats…(including Clay Ball originator Mary Lou Zeek who was thinking about her upcoming pop-up art show BLINK coming February 23))

Clay Ball MLZ

And, of course, there was a hat competition judged by Janet Ogdahl (who owns the nice shop Ma Valise)

Clay Ball...JAnet & Wally

but I think everybody in the room pretty much agreed that the winner HAD to be this guy…Andy?…with this topical hat for Salem (and as Janet pointed out, the theme was “Over the Top”…)…we’re having a little trouble with owls, just now, here in Salem.

Clay Ball 5

owl hat

No more photos…the lights in this dining room are orange subverting my photographic urge…it was fun…

clay ball  8

Around Town Wednesday


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We were out and about today and here’s what we saw…we drove by the storefront where Mary Lou Zeek’s new “pop-up” show BLINK opens on February 23 (in between Magoo’s and the OLCC store on SE Commercial Street).  The gala is Tuesday, February 24 from 5-7 and should be fun.  She has a new idea this year…a “work-on-paper” room in the rear of the galley where lots of us will have drawings up…hope you can come take a look.


"Night Studio" "Drawing Board""The Masked Woman Reflects"

we noted Bruce West’s nice sculpture has been sited downtown at the corner of Liberty and State…nice to see it out and about…

Bruce West 1a

even though it might be slightly too close to the trash can and the light pole…?

Bruce West 2

And then who should we spy…they keep moving this banner around but it’s always fun to run across it someplace…


Well today was Kate Brown’s inauguration day as governor…taking over for the newly resigned John Kitzhaber…sad moment…but on we go.


and on the way home to watch the news, we noted the media was in full swing…

camera man


Here’s Joe Donlan, just about ready to go on air…


with the guys setting up the Tracy/Joe chairs



so we raced home to catch the news, and there they were…

Tracy aND JOE

Time to cook dinner…over and out from your reporter around town…



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