When you stop to think about it there are so many things to be thankful for.  I could make a blog post with 300 images…but really this year it was simple.  Family…those that were with us and those that were far away…loved nonetheless.  But the ones that were with us made us laugh and laugh and laugh even when the turkey was frozen, the pumpkin pie was slightly over done (it was actually perfect) and we were having trouble with our devices…we played…

Sidney 1

Sidney 2

Sidney 3 (1)

we ate…


Sidney 4

we shopped local and stopped for a coffee…

monster 1

monster 2

monster 3

visited “the gold man up top building” and the star trees…

gold man

star trees


we were tickled…


now it’s onward through the dark to Christmas!!!

Retreat from “Bag Week” Part 2


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Saturday Happy Hour was at Washington High School…now home to bars, restaurants, music venues, offices all with the feel of the old high school… followed by dinner with loved ones.

Washington HS

graphicMuscleseye-ear (1)

Sunday brunch at Rae’s Lakeview…no lake, no view, lots of mimosas and hipsters…we snuck in before the crowd…

Brunch portrtait


and then off to the Portland Art Museum for a leisurely stroll…starting with the atrium  massing items from the museum’s collections with paintings wittily paired.  In the center a jumble of sculpture


which from above looks like a chess board…

Sculpture chess

and my favorite painting pair a Charles Heaney of 1939 and a Lazzaro Bastiani of 1680-90…

Charles Heaney and Lazzaro Bastiani

both with wonderful details…

Heaney detail

Bastiani detail (1)

Upstairs I began my meditation on Portland/Salem.  There is nary a trace of Salem artists or collectors in Portland usually, so it was nice to see a group of work of Leroy Setziol on view, much of it borrowed from Salem collectors Carole Smith and Eric Kittleson…


and nearby the work of Clara Jane Stephens, notational almost, freely painted and collected for years by Salemite Cobe Grabenhorst…

Clara Jane Stephens

Curator of Northwest Art Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson has rehung the northwest galleries to good advantage and we loved seeing Carl Hall included in this gorgeous foursome with (left to right) Hall, Kenneth Callahan, Robert Huck and Louis Bunce…

Hall, Callahan, ...,Bunce

then the self portraits of Salem’s own Myra Albert Wiggins.  As a photographer Wiggins was a member of Alfred Steiglitz’ Photo Secession, and she went on to become a painter later in life.

Myra at 60Myra at 70Myra near 80

We wandered, seeing hints of yesterday for me,

Benton detail

next week/next month/next year for R…

Bunce self portrait

not exactly careening at this point we began to notice random things…including seasonal…

in the mood Rockwell

museum feet (3)

oh…and the photo booth…

photo booth

we couldn’t pass up the chance to depict a Katherine Ace painting…

Katherain Ace II

out the door in time to see a photo op, a secret message, and a fall leaf before another lovely dinner and a last look at the deer on the tall crane…

photo op


messages (1)


and Monday was Sidney day, the best day of the week…

rooster, roobot, cow, sheep

“rooster, robot, cow, sheep”…and we are thankful for our varied and colorful lives, and especially for this small boy.  Have a happy Thanksgiving!





Retreat from a “Bag Week”

My friend Ellen calls the sort of day where you go from event to event to event without a breath a “bag day.”  Our whole week was that way last week so we booked a hotel room and headed to Portland for two nights.  We saw a lot of art, took a few naps, caught up with loved ones and enjoyed a sunny and crisp weekend in the city.  Our parking karma was excellent.

We arrived Saturday in time to hear Tom Cramer speak wittily, interestingly and with feeling about his new work up at Augen Gallery in November.  The show was dedicated to Shannon Kraft, Cramer’s long time friend who died last summer after a long illness.  She was muse, editor, critic, cheerleader and this is the last body of work she saw and contributed to.  The gallery was packed and the crowd was enthusiastic and warm…and EVERYBODY was taking pictures…

Crowd 3Crowd 2crowd 1

The work is beautiful, original, delightful in every way…I was sitting on a stool and looking up at the edge of one piece, so did a little survey of the terrific “edges”

edge 5

edge 1edge 2edge 4

In his talk Tom spoke of his philosophical ideas, his methods of working, and the difficulty or working through Shannon’s illness and death, and how that figures into the pieces.  It was fascinating and the work is…well…glowing…a perfect tribute to a lovely woman.  Go take a look in the waning days of the month.

detail Tom 2

Of course…next stop…


and then a brief detour into Waterstone Gallery where there was this giant wood face by Michael deForest…

face 1face 2

which has the most GORGEOUS interior…

inside face

and then on to the Laura Russo Gallery to see the Lucinda Parker show.  I was quite taken with Parker’s giant painting “Old Cherry”…

Lucina Parker "Old Cherry

which for me is such a great combination of color and absolutely ATHLETIC painting it seemed choreographed as much as painted…

Parker Detail 3Parker detail 2Parker detail 1

OOPS..the rest of this post got lost in the publishing…Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday Stuff


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Saturday was the kind of day I like best…lots of different stuff happening.  It began here in town when the Salem Sketchers met up for coffee and drawing at Archive Coffee…

Salem Sketchers

and a selfie stick came in handy…

selfie stick


…then a zydeco jam over at the Mill (hoping they do it monthly as it was FUN..people dancing in the halls)…the bass is named “Bella” and the guy playing the washboard is Max…


off to Portland catching up briefly with Sidney…who learned to peel the orange all by himself!

IMG_4282 IMG_4277

Off then to Disjecta Contemporary Arts Center for visual and performing arts…to their annual fund-raising auction where once again artists have donated work (:-( not my favorite, but okay…) in support of the Center.  It was packed…


The silent auction piece I wanted was by Amy Bernstein (who I wrote about here a while back) and actually this very piece was the one I wrote about in March, 2014, but it quickly exceeded my budget…


So on it went…our friend Michael bought this very nice DE May piece…(that’s actually Michael’s head and wineglass shadow stalking the piece…)


the live auction was fun…here’s Malia Jensen’s photo…


and this woman REALLY wanted this Patrick Kelly Drawing…and she got it!!

IMG_4267 the winner!KELLY 3

But back to the sad me, going home without the Amy Bernstein…but what?  Inside Disjecta is a small gallery called…

Carl & Sloan

and right inside Carl & Sloan was an Amy Bernstein painting I COULD take home with me.  The gallery wasn’t really “open” as it was the staging area for the caterers, but Mr. Carl was nearby and happy to take my money, so…HOORAY!  (For some reason this painting, which I love for many formal and aesthetic reasons, also reminds me of “Candyland”?)  Great day…(thanks Graham)

Amy Bernstein


Michael Boonstra, Eunice Parsons and SIDNEY!


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Monday is Sidney day every week.  We head to Portland to hang out with a very nice young man, soon to be 2, but Monday is a day most galleries are closed.  ONE gallery that IS open that we’ve come to like is Duplex Gallery.  One reason we like to go is the very nice shows, but another reason we like to go is that it is from the doorway of Duplex that we can see the “red deer uptop building” that has become Sidney’s favorite…

red deer

Some Monday’s we’ve come to stand in the doorway just for the view…

deer hunt

but this week we went to see Michael Boonstra’s excellent show which just opened…

Duplex front (1)

He’s done a lot of aerial photography, but these are graphite and ink on clay board and are really beautiful…you must go see…





Boonstra grid

We enjoyed it, Sidney took a quick selfie…

gallery viewerselfie

and we headed to Piccolo Park, another Monday morning favorite and especially the “ABC sign”…


After a romp in the leaves we headed to Belmont Street to Luke Dolkas’ Frame shop where the work of collage artist Eunice Parsons was on view.  Eunice continues to make wonderful work now into her 100th year.  I was lucky enough to show with her back in 2009 and consider her a friend.  The morning turned very sunny and Luke’s shop is flooded with light so my photos don’t do the work justice…go take a look…

at Luke'sLuke's 2

two at Luke's

Atelier Cezanne

“Twilight” was my favorite…already sold…





and should you have a young person along, Luke has that covered too…


Shopping next, lunch at Otto’s, nap time on a sunny afternoon…

sunny afternoon at Caruthers

and then sandbox play while Grandfafa sits by the “fire”…


Julie Green, Dan May and 12×16 Gallery


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Friday was a day of looking at other people’s art…at last.  It started early with a visit to the studios of the six senior art majors at Willamette University who are midway in the process of preparing their senior show, opening in April 2016.  All six seemed motivated, excited about their work and certain about their path forward with this body of work.  Encouragement was easy to give, mostly process oriented.  I’ll withhold the few photos I took until next spring when I can compare them for you with the realization of the work I saw the beginnings of on Friday.

So we jumped into the car, grabbed Irene and Jon and headed to Portland to look at some art.  First and foremost was a visit to PDX to see the work of DE May…long time friend of all of ours…and the show was wonderful in the way only Dan can make it.  Spare and intricate, referential, terrific.  Go see it.





One of my new favorite galleries the last couple of years is Upfor Gallery, right next door to PDX and often offering shows that knock me out…this one included.  A few years ago I was reading the New York Times one morning when I read an art review of a show at the Corvallis Art Center…whaaat?  Yep, Julie Green’s Last supper series which was amazing…as I describe here.  This new show…”My New Blue Friends” is soo soo wonderful.  It starts with the “wall paper”…all around the entire gallery, sumi drawings of shells on rice paper.  She does some everyday, and has been doing this meditation since 2011.  They begin tight and dark and loosen as they go



and on the “wallpaper” are placed the lovely blue and white paintings which are tempera adjusted to be used with airbrush…



The effect is good, almost like shards of flow-blue on the sand, a sort of beach-combing effect.


But really the treasure here, for those who draw, love to draw, love drawings…are the wonderful ledger books on the table, filled with Green’s notational drawings.  There is a stool thankfully, because I had to look and look…







Oh good lord, be still my heart.  Only one remedy…


Meanwhile Jon was getting on Instagram…



So off to 12×16 Gallery in Sellwood.  It was the 10th anniversary show featuring the work of most of the 126 artists who have showed with members over the last 10 years.  Here’s Jon’s…


here’s Rex Amos…


here’s the wall with the group I was part of…

12x16 wall

and mine…

"Country House"

My show was in 2010 and I showed with legendary collage artist Eunice Parsons…

Eunice (1)

and by the way, Eunice Parsons, who turned 99 last summer, just opened a show of new work at collage artist Luke Dolkas’ frame shop at 2707 SE Belmont…our Monday schedule includes Eunice’s show and Michael Boonstra’s show at Duplex Gallery.  So much to see…so little time…:-)  And guess who we ran in to…

Friday night 12x16

happy glass 2





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The deed is done and it was fun!  On Tuesday we packed our cars, grabbed a coffee and took off for Newberg…


Gallery director Tim Timmerman and his student assistant Sarah were ready for us and set to work…we arranged the pairs, it went up quickly…

setting u p the show 2

Sarah and Tim conversation

Tim hanging

setting up the show

photo opKay (1)

alphabet feet

set up panorama

and when we arrived Friday afternoon…Voila!

panorama quilt show

spring before"Spring"...Hull

…just a few last minute details…

Sarah puttiing on last minute touches

the chairs looked good…Kay’s

Kay's chair

and mine…

My chair

the birds…(mine the black one Kay’s the white one)



People came…said the nicest possible things…here’s Kay with her granddaughter Amalia, owner of the white quilt which was a birthday gift last spring, and Amalia’s Mom Lisa…

Kay, Amalia and Lisa

Kay and Holly…

Kay and Holly




Kay photoingconversation viewConversation 3

We gave remarks ( my FIRST Power Point, and possibly my last)…

-33 -34-31



come take a look…

Conversation chairs

2564 Conversation Show Posterfinal2

Directions:  follow signs to George Fox University which ever direction you arrive from turning on a street I think is called Meridian.  Enter at the large permanent sign for the campus (black with white) and the first building you will see is the Hoover Academic Building, with a guest parking lot near by…the gallery is to the right just inside the front doors…the gallery is open from 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.  The official end date of the show is December 3rd, but it will be up a week longer…


Getting ready for a “Conversation”


, , , , ,

2564 Conversation Show Posterfinal2

I truly don’t think of this blog as a vehicle for publicizing my own work, but really folks…”it’s been a year in the making”…(as they used to say in the trailers for movies in the 1950’s.)  I guess I’ve blogged about it along the way, but now we’re down to the wire…writing statements, taking photos, measuring for dowels, making a plan for delivery and what our “remarks” will constitute.  We met last week and compared quilts and notes…we met Friday and heaved a huge, collective sigh of relief at the sheer volume of handwork, hand-made marks, if you will, that we have made.  Okay, we patted ourselves on the back a little…


but mine are all thrown on the couch….

Q's on the couch

where R has tried to cover them from the sunlight that pours in the east window in the morning…something spooky might be happening under there…??  It’s the season for it…


Q's on the couch 2

Details of a few of mine include…”Blackbird Singing…”

"Blackbird" Hull

“Matisse/Hull Notre Dame, 1914”

"Notre Dame 1914"...Hull

Collaboration 2015, Hull




and “Virgin of Guadalupe”

"V of G"...Hull

This show will be up in the George Fox University Gallery from November 5th to December 3rd.  I would love you all to see it and let me know what you think.  No more on this now until we deliver, put it up, and “make remarks”.  Kay Worthington and I will be holding forth at 4:10 p.m. on Thursday November 5th…it will be, well, a conversation, I think!

Ready to roll!



Portland Quick Trip


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I headed up to Portland Wednesday with Katy and Kathy to see the Paul Allen Show of Landscapes “Seeing Nature” at the Portland Art Museum, and the Emmet Gowin aerial photos of various nuclear dumps and bomb sites “Force of Nature”…first though–lunch…


and a quick run through the Desoto Building galleries…with the emphasis on Blue Sky…celebrating it’s 40th anniversary.  Some of us remember the early years well…

Blue Sky 3

…in fact the archivists among us still own a few of the early membership “cards”…

membership "cards"

Blue Sky

Blue Sky 2

…there was one of those messages on the sidewalk, but we decided it wasn’t for us…

unable to fish tape

The Paul Allen show of landscapes kind of cracked me up…that family has a little of everything including Hockney…

Hockney (1)

April Gornik

April Gornik

Milton Avery…

Milton Avery

Thomas Hart Benton…

Thomas Hart Benton

Brueghel the Younger…

Breugel the younger

you name it…Monet, Manet, Canaletto, Turner…you get the idea.  Some nice paintings.

I was so shocked and deep in thought at the Emmet Gowin show I neglected to take a single photo…better go see that one too to see the absolute horror and beauty of this earth and what we’ve done to it…fascinating, sad, scary.

Once home I picked up my donation (“Rose hips”) for the Straub Environmental Center fund-raiser “Cart to Art” featuring up-cycled art work.  I don’t think of what I’m doing as up-cycling, but there you have it.  November 14th, this could be yours!!!

Cart to art



Another Sunday Night


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Once again a week has drawn to a close with the next one looming before us.  This past week was one of varied activities which included work, friends, art (of course), family, archives, music.  It looked like this…

The yard needs some attention as we move into fall, but this was mainly for something pretty in the house…


The proof of the poster for the November quilt show was sent…Kay and I met and made our choices for the show…

2564 Conversation Show Posterfinal2Q'SIMG_3599

Linda Willams Janke brought the first installment of the Douglas family archive to the Pacific Northwest Artists Archive, and it was full of fascinating things.  Linda’s grandparents were Vernon and Ruth Douglas who lived in Salem from 1927 to 1943, when they moved to Portland and her grandfather worked in the public heath field for Multnomah Country.  The were instrumental in the creation of the Salem Federal Art Center, precursor to the Salem Art Association, and Linda’s aunt Stella was an Oregon Painter.

phone book

savings bookbirthday bookaddress books


and just in case I thought I WAS Busy…check Stella’s calender…


out of the frying pan

We had some lunch…

lunch (1)

I visited the home of delicious brownies…


The Hallie Ford Museum’s Member Appreciation evening afforded me a chance to revisit one of Blair Saxon-Hill’s pieces on view in the still life show…


We went to Portland for a family dinner

FAMILY DINNER (1)salad (1)

which brought together two of my three extraordinary brothers (who aren’t going to like being in this blog…but I don’t do it very often and they are SOOO terrific)…

brothers (2)

Bruce showed us some of us amazing photographs from his sojourn in Paris this past summer…


and this morning I was drawing at Straub Center with some talented artists, including my neighbor Aislinn Adams who is working on a commission of botanical drawings for Silver Falls Park…


while I continued working on my post cards for the SAA “Art Market” coming November 4th… hydrangea drawing

played a ukulele (mercifully, no photos) and headed home down the quiet Sunday streets…

Sunday on State

Court Street

for some supper and a little mending…moths and I refuse to give up on this sewater which I love…

mending (1)

Time to turn in and rest up for SIDNEY DAY tomorrow!


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