Birthday Thoughts

My day was special to me with friends and family, a phone call from Spain, great presents…and in one of the cards a friend wrote a poetic note which included these words which describe so nicely the way I feel today:

“The longer we live the more we fathom, the more it is a mystery, the deeper we feel, the wider we are, the margins keep moving and then we are some golden air at break of day or setting sun and someone trembles passing through, just as we have done on our way.” Thanks for the good wishes friends.


  1. Happy Birthday Bonnie. I like your friends sentiment. Yes, I agree. And darn, such a lovely party. Wish I were there. Lol. Many, many more….and now to the wine.

  2. Beautiful words.  Happy Birthday from Spoleto to you, and many more.

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  3. Happy Birthday, Bonnie.

    You always make a good day better.

    Thank you for sharing part of your day.

    Many Best Wishes, Sally >

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