An equally sunny Wednesday dawns…

with me staring at this blue and white blog, knowing it can be changed….hmmmmmmm. Today though I’m beginning to think about train rides through sunny landscapes and quilts and a few Seattle days. Today there was a comment on this blog by Doug, an encouraging and nice comment, but it went off as spam because I pushed the incorrect “acceptance button”.  I finally DID upload a photo but the odd thing is when they let you crop it, the screen was totally gray–you’d have yo somehow memorize the photo?—no, I’m sure I got something wrong there.  Well anyway.  Sunlit trees–much better than blue.

1 Comment

  1. Hey hey it looks great! Your trial and error–and sheer determination–is paying off. Looks like Minto Brown in the header photo, and you even have added some widgets down the side. Learning by doing. I will keep an eye on this blog, and will hope that you will post over on the Be Well blog.

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