City Weekend

We visited friends Lynne and Don Dagg this weekend. They bought a condo near the river (moving from Salishan spit). They rented for a year, and then recently bought a condo, having discovered they loved city life. They go everywhere on the streetcar. We saw the condo and then set off for a long streetcar ride doing the whole route, jumping off along the way for a bowl of soup. The streetcar passes everything I would ever want to go to in Portland and is easy to use. It was a fun afternoon! Lynne shows Roger the corner view toward the west hills:



Don and Roger with the other sitting area behind them.


Lynne in the kitchen.


The roof out the window which has been planted with sedums and (theoretically) will be all green one day.


River view with tip of Ross Island on the right, and the Ross Island Bridge in the background.


Lynne on the street car.


After our morning coffee at Crema (good to the last drop), we’re off home!


  1. Bonnie, I should have been working on classes, but your blog (ALL of it) was WAY more enticing. (In Seattle on Monday, I was telling my cousin that the Portland streetcar goes everywhere I want to go, and that I ride it a lot. I think he was skeptical.) Blog on. J.E.

  2. This street car stops in the middle of the Portland State campus, right behind the art museum, at Powell’s, in the Pearl at the galleries, NW 23rd and then down and around. The theater, the Old Church for concerts, movies, food, coffee. Guys, it stops at the Multnomah County Library!! Do we need more????

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