Sorting Photos

This weekend I’ve been sorting a big box of family photos that arrived from my brother in D.C. These familiar faces and places, these unfamiliar ones, strike a chord somewhere.


My great grandma Libbie McClain Decker Cromer Kochel, my parents in the 1960’s, myself at 3 or 4,


The perfect one for this winter day (when snow is being dumped on us in Oregon at an alarming rate), is this shot of my Dad and my Aunt Lu,  sometime about 1920 on Diversey Parkway in Chicago.



  1. Aren’t they just fabulous? The one of Lu and Dad is really great. Almost 90 years ago? Yikes.

    I wish I had sent them sooner, so that you guys could figure them out.

    Lu once told me a story – I may have told you, so forgive me – about summers with Grandma Kochel. At the end of one summer afternoon, Grandma K got a glass of lemonade for Lu, and they sat on the back porch. Grandma Kochel leaned over to Lu and said: “Let’s just sit here quietly, and listen to the farm.”


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