Another Beach Weekend…

during which I did NOT find a float. Darn it!!! But we did have fun. Sunday we drove the beautiful drive on the edge of the ocean to Newport for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Local Ocean Seafood, I think the best food on the central Oregon Coast. The trouble with this restaurant is that you can only have one lunch, and everything on the menu is good.


After lunch we walked along the harbor looking at the fishing boats and checked the sea lions who are horrible pests but fun to watch, and they have the TINIEST little ears.


A quick tho not truly beautiful coffee at Panini, then back to CC.


This morning, determined to find a float, I hit the beach early before coming back to Salem. I didn’t find a float (drat), but I did find the real treasure–the fresh sunny calm and beautiful beach. A good send-off into the new week ahead.



  1. Sounds like a perfect beach weekend. Whether with floats, lattes or seafood restarants, it’s the seeking that’s the best, right?

  2. I know there is a float trying to find it’s way to you!!! Keep showing up on the sand and it will happen!!! This is YOUR year Bonnie Hull!!!

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