Living the Creative Life: The YWCA Collection

I’ve been gathering work from 20 local artists here in town. We’re building the beginning of a collection of women’s art to go in the new YWCA building on Broadway. I’ve visited some studios–occasionally without my camera BUT, occasionally WITH my camera. Visiting somebody else’s studio is an interesting activity and has been a real privilege and a lot of fun. Here are a few peeks, in alphabetical order:

Heidi Grew, clay artist and teacher, this is actually her office at school, not her studio–where I got to pick the piece to go to the YWCA, & the piece I chose:


Ann Kresge, (prints, assemblage, paint) in her studio:


Kristin Kuhns, painter, in her studio with work going off to a show:


Annie Stecker, clay, in her studio now filled with wood-fired pieces, and the piece she donated to the Y:


Layne Young, assemblage:


And look what I found at Layne’s–Sonja Heine, icon of my mid-west ice-skating childhood!!!!


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