A Train Trip

Just back from a jaunt to Seattle amazed anew by the fun of taking the train. The stations are beautiful, it’s calm and quiet. You can walk around. You don’t have to wear a seat belt or be strip-searched before getting on. You arrive and discover you aren’t stressed or harassed. It’s American. It’s nice.

Our station here in Salem has been restored and is splendid, even on a rainy morning:


You feel like you’ve stepped back in time 50 years, so that must be why I look only 14 in this photo:


You pass through Portland and various points north, including Centralia,


eventually arriving in Seattle where you discover they are still using an old iron baggage cart (now pulled by a little motorized rig):


Well there were a few “issues” today coming home (a derailment up north) so the business class got to ride in a wonderful car that they usually only use on the Canadian-bound trains–but they can’t go to Canada today so we got it instead. Here we are nearing Portland–kind of like a travelogue!



  1. Trains! Hoorah! If only we could take the trains everywhere. And they should put the vista-car on all the trains – it looks like great fun. I think they just restored the Seattle station, yes?

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