Living the Creative Life: LeeAnn Decker

LeeAnn found quilting a few years ago and has been “possessed” by it ever since. She’s in an evolving creative process that has seen a variety of fabric types and quilt construction, and has a focus and a passion for the work that is admirable….. also a wonderful eye for color and combinations. In the last year as she has focussed on reducing her carbon footprint in the rest of her life, she has turned to thrift stores and her own closet as a source for quilts. Besides an eye and a passion, she is an excellent seamstress and her quilts are not only beautiful but beautifully made. She makes quilts for her family, for ailing friends, for charity auctions, for fun, for shows. Here is some of her work:



Her quilting studio is large and easy to work in,


and she can take the whole thing “on the road” (here at our beach house):


Additionally, she makes a GREAT salad (this one with curried pecans):


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