Patience, Dear Readers…

The blog administrators of have changed the interior blog format, the “dashboard” of the blog (the part you don’t see). For some reason as yet totally unknown, I’m having a hard time adding in photos (“uploading” as they say). As this blog is image related, this is a bit of a struggle at the moment. A “bit of a struggle” does not probably reflect the gnashing of teeth and swearing that have been going on over here, but let’s just say I’m frustrated.

Here are the flowering quince and euphorbias and corsican hellebores in the garden today plus a coffee you’ll see, while representing an alpen snowfield (quote RPH), isn’t very pretty, and is on a fake wood table with a chip which doesn’t enhance the aesthetic. Okay. Here goes:

VOILA! This worked today, where yesterday it didn’t. Tomorrow is near at hand.

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