Living the Creative Life: Cynthia Wilcox II

Yesterday I went out to Cynthia’s. It was “Groop” day, the day once a month that we get together to talk and think about quilting. It was cold and rainy up the Santiam yesterday–not at all like spring. Inside the studio though it was all color and warmth. The best thing about visiting the work space of a creative person is the chance to see a little bit of how they think about their work.

The new quilt.

Then Cynthia opened this amazing bin with all of these “pieces”–all pieced from separate fabrics–which I needed to get out and photograph. She puts things together maybe as a way of thinking. In the bin are the germs of 100 future quilts!

After we looked and talked, Cynthia suggested we work on a challenge. We would each choose 6 different fabrics from the bins (like most quilters, she has quite a “stash” of fabric). We would make 4 squares and then try to put them together so they didn’t look like squares, but like one piece. Of course I had to concentrate sooooo hard to even think of doing this, and also on using her very nice sewing machine (!!) that she slipped it by me–she made hers into a seamless square while I was laboring away. Yikes. I have a lot to learn (and a couple of good teachers, thankfully).

Cynthia’s square on top, mine on the bottom (I’ve taken the fabric home as “homework” to complete my square. Ahem)


  1. Cynthia’s work is gorgeous! I love all the stripped pieces. You can really see the creative thoughts in both of your brains.

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