Italia revisited

Laundry, jet lag, the usual homecoming. But a wonderful trip that reminded me of the paramount importance of living in the moment. So okay. From the beginning: Cortona. Hill town, ancient, about a 1 hour 45 minute drive to the south and east of Firenze, current population about 2000. During the course of our week we met a group of young people fiercely dedicated to the preservation of this beautiful place and the history, but also to the notion of living a modern life here. Organic produce, low carbon footprint, making a living in a small place. Many fascinating “tour guides” described their own lives as well as the historic stuff. Tour guiding is a supplemental income for many people. Jeannette runs a B&B, Giovanni is a cabinet maker, etc.

But I digress. Cortona:

Piazza Garibaldi–the last place you can drive to unless you live in the town. The parking lots are all down hill. Our hotel is just off this Piazza (behind the white truck) so for us Cortona starts here.

The view from the top looking over the country side below wherein we see the red sign urging us to vote socialist.

Parking is a world wide issue–this is residential parking, not touristical parking. The banner announces that a festival will soon occur pitting the neighborhoods against one another in a contest. This banner is the one for “our” neighborhood.

The first and second cappucini, and four tourist women with jet lag out early in search of coffee:

Jeannette has pointed out the painted windows and the group obligingly looks.

The truth is that virtually everything in Italy looks picturesque, even the graffiti (next post!), but in fact things just DO look that way (Becky: it isn’t just Sweden). A field of poppies leads down to the Cortona cemetary.

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  1. Welcome home, dear sister! Time this afternoon for a quick look at the blog and your tantalizing photos. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about the Italian excursion. D.

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