The “Giveaways”

It was a lovely Christmas, especially the silent snow days when you couldn’t hear the traffic or any noise at all outside…except the pitter-patter of freezing rain…eek.

But today, back to work.  Roger is writing labels for the Harry Widman show, and I’m putting finishing touches on the “giveaways”–two art works due Jan 10 for charity sales/auctions.  To amuse myself I’ve found images of earlier “Giveaways” to post:

Shelter, MLZeek Gallery 2007 mlz071 bookmarks boxed-book

These three are for the February “100 Artists” show at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, proceeds to a charity.  She sends a something, a piece of cardboard, a wooden box, this year a book–and then we see 100 different ways of doing something.  Shelter was 2007, the box was 2008, and the book is 2009.

Then for Salem Art Association I’ve been painting the same painting for three years.  Don’t have a digital of the first one, but here was last year’s and the one underway for this year.  This image has been shamelessly stolen from Gabrielle Munter, with apologies.  This isn’t like my other work, but I kind of look forward to doing this one each year.

clay-ball-2 clay-ball-3



  1. I detect a leaf theme. Love the “cabbage heart” that marks the page. And the birds-in-snowy-trees hits pretty close to home this week…life imitating art. Good for you guys to get back into the groove.

  2. Hi Bonnie! Zach, Alicia, and I had drinks last night and he mentioned that you had a blog so thought I’d look you up! As with every Holiday season I think of you, Roger, and Zach. Sounds like things are going well for you all. You should be receiving our Holiday letter soon. Thinking of you.


  3. Blair! Hey. Can’t wait for the pix of the kids in the Christmas letter. We were just looking at photos of past Christmas moments–you and Zach in front of the tree from about age 8 on. We send best love. BH

  4. Great to see the three years all together like this. I joined the 100 artists shows that same year, too. I just finished my Book today. I was once again trying for joy, but it got dark, as usual. Ah well. I especially enjoyed the post about getting back to green. I see you managed the storms, but like me, are quite happy to see the color back. I still owe you tea in the studio.

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