Harry Widman: The Gala

Friday night was the opening of the Harry Widman retrospective, “Harry Widman: Image, Myth, and Modernism,”  at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem.  The show is wonderful and will be up until March 29, 2009–go take a look.  The Hallie Ford Museum is located at 700 State Street in Salem, easy find at the corner of State and Cottage Streets, right downtown.  It was a pretty fun evening for us and I have to admit that in all the talking and looking I kind of fell down on the picture-taking but here’s what I turned up with:

lobby bonnie

I stopped by the museum on the way to Roger’s lecture to see the lobby before the crowd–painter (and part-time receptionist) Bonnie Schulte was ready for the action.


Over at Waller Hall Roger began his excellent lecture, the culmination of two years of thinking, talking to Harry,  research  and writing for Roger.  The show for Harry is the culmination of 6o years of work as a painter.  After learning about Harry’s life and work we all stormed to the Museum for a little food and a lot of art.  Here is where I really fell down as a chronicler of the event, but did manage to get a nice shot of Roger and Harry:


and check out the grand daughters and the human tri-pod:

human-tripod grandgirls1

Then off to the post party hosted by the Widmans:


Harry’s kids Matthew, Michael, Gabrielle and Malia all got to the gala from all corners of the country, though by this point in the evening I was only photographing from a chair–here’s Harry and Matthew (who came with his family from New York).


Harry & painter George Johanson were checking out the camera and then I watched George photograph the unsuspecting crowd:

g1 g2 g41

So the evening wound down, we were all tired and happy and the work still glows on the museum walls for all comers to enjoy for two months.  The paintings tell the tale.


  1. Bonnie, I’m so sorry we missed Roger’s talk. We got a card from Hallie Ford the day after it happened…too late. Your photo of the lobby really makes me want to go see the show.
    I’m so glad your bum knee is improving. C.

  2. Hi Bonnie! I’m sorry I missed Roger’s lecture. My sister has to have both of her knees replaced (again) and so we did a pre op op at the last minute last week that had me shifting focus / helping out with her boys and so on. I’m grateful for your blog. Loved the images of Alexandra Opie’s installation downtown last year.

    ALl best,


  3. Cary’s right–it WAS a great evening. Harry’s show coupled with 12×16’s recent show of Jerry Walker’s paintings, sort of points out the timelessness of work and the fantastic gift that living a creative live gives the artist–never mind the rest of the world! I’m pretty sure Cynthia & Cara will both have a chane to see the Widman show before it comes down–I hope so. Last night SAA sponsored an artist’s talk by photographer Frank Miller (currently in the SAA gallery) and again, the talk of the creative process, the way of seeing–fantastic.

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