And Speaking of Brothers…

My brother Bruce in Seattle is a talented photographer.  A month or so ago I tried to pirate one of his images to put in this blog but it was so tiny it didn’t work.  He very generously gave me a better-sized image so I could post it for you.  His real interest is in night photography, and here is an image of a store in Ballard called “Souvenir”.  The quiet is palpable, the grays and blacks and tones knock me out.



  1. Souvenir is one of the most amazing establishments I’ve ever seen! It’s like one big curiosity cabinet with drawer after drawer of oddities and treasures. The displays, window and interior, are unique beyond belief.

    Several years ago Curtis, the owner/creator, was written up in most of the fancy home decor magazines and somewhere in my clip files are the articles. DO NOT MISS THIS EXPERIENCE IF YOU’RE ANYWHERE NEAR BALLARD WHEN IN SEATTLE.

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