1. It’s such a waste of material, taking it down I mean. I loved looking at the side of the building to see the weathering affects on the concrete. It was always so interesting. I’ll miss it too!

  2. This place was built to last. It’s exacting it’s final revenge by being darn hard to take apart. Thanks for documenting this sad process. Interesting to ponder about the last time this particular piece of ground (and airspace) was empty: Salem was just a young burg. I hope you can slip inside the tape line and get a piece of the rock.

  3. An excellent example of why we don’t tear down old buildings – they are embodied with a lot of energy – in this case quite a lot, making it hard to destroy – and wrecking them represents a huge waste. Notwithstanding their narratives….

  4. glad to see these fotos. im taking a few also. the people i talk to who are watching the demolition are mourning the loss of the building. I see it as Salem’s most important sculpture….a huge loss. The city says it’s an eyesore….not hardly.
    thanks, Bonnie

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