1. I drove past today for a good look too. One of the things that struck me was how well built this huge bunker of a place is, and the fact that all of that engineering and construction was done “the old fashioned way,” without the power tools, CAD drawings and intense inspection we know today. There is a tremendous amount of human energy, know-how, capital and just plain hard work wrapped up in that place, which is why it is slow to let go. Would be interesting to know what the demolition guys think of the building. I’ll bet there is a quiet respect…

  2. Reminds me of the demolition of the Edgewater Beach Hotel, in Chicago. Likewise a reinforced concrete building, and it took forever to get it down. Cost the developer much more than they anticipated. Hah!

  3. They really seem to be moving now–will go down today and photo. The silliness of taking this down just overwhelms me. But…THAT is Salem, in a nutshell.

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