Living the Creative Life: Kay Worthington

Kay retired this spring (from being a graphic artist at the newspaper) and is in that first giddy hysteria–working 12 hours a day, sleeping four, afraid to miss a moment of doing what she wants after a working life.  I went by today to see her new stuff and was delighted.  But first the work spaces.  The former guest room is now a studio space, mostly for finishing:

bedroom-1 bedroom-2 bedroom-3

The garage is now a workspace for the rough and basic wood stuff:

garage-1 garage-2

Upstairs the idea wall


and then just all the stuff–a few decades worth of stuff–the raw material:

upstairs-2 upstairs-3 upstairs-4


Now the work.  She began by cutting up old watercolors and collaging them:


Lighted boxes:


tables (I don’t have pictures of them, except one, but they’ll be on view and on sale this summer at The Arbor)

table-1 table-2

and then these terrific small-scale sculptures:



whimsical, hilarious and interesting.


The new flat wall pieces–terrific and just getting started


Tomorrow it will be something a little different.  Stay tuned.  (And I think I forgot to mention that over the last ten years Kay has been a supportive patron of my work and displays it to great advantage in her house:)

kitchen-piece map little-red


  1. Kay, what beautiful, energetic work! It emanates your joy! Congratulations on your freedom to spend more time with your muses!

    This entry was so helpful to me this morning! Sometimes it takes the visual energy of seeing another person’s creative space to send one flying back to work in their own! Pure inspiration. THANK YOU, Bonnie!

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