First Wednesday

First Wednesday downtown was “dog week” this month.  Since the newspaper carried numerous pictures of dogs and NO pictures of art, I’ll skip right to the art.

Artist Kay Worthington was the featured artist at The Arbor on State, showing her wonderful small, imaginative, and sculptural pieces as well as some pretty terrific tables she has been making this spring.  Sales were brisk:

AKy at Arbor 2Kay at Arbor 1


and then down the street at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery was a show of works on paper by two women.  The work was displayed interestingly hung on little IKEA hanging things–very immediate and nice.  Laura Mack, painter and collage artist, monoprint maker, teacher, etc. displayed some collages, and monoprints and collage combined that are terrific.  (I’m looking forward to 2 months of collabortive work with Laura this summer in Project Space 2!)  Not great photos sorry–it was crowded–go see the show:

Laura 1

Laura 2

Showing with Laura is Katherine Dunn with slightly larger work, also unformatted which I liked as you could really see the pieces:

Katherine 1

Katherine 2

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  1. Ack…you didn’t go to the Portland opening…but this one instead and it looks like it was a great one…in Salem. The shows look wonderful and I’ll stop by and see them when I’m in Salem.

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