Living the Creative Life: Kay Worthington

I had to come back to the hot valley Friday,  and went to see Kay this morning.  She has a new studio at home, and it is nice!!  She and I are both getting ready to show some new work at PS 2–opening this Wednesday.  But check this out…the overall view:

Kay 1

and from inside you have a great view of the truly beautiful garden:

Kay 2

and there is a BIT of “decor” in there but mostly  it’s arranged for work:

Kay 3 Kay 4

Kay 5 Kay 6

She’ll be showing 4 terrific new tables (of which this is one), and some smaller pieces:

Kay 7 Kay 8

The opening is first Wednesday, August 5th   from 5-7 at 388 State Street.  We’ll all be down there–better come!

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