Art Week, Day Four

Well last night I was too tired to post.  We worked cheerfully but soundlessly all day long stopping for a few trips to Cooke’s Stationey for clips and pens and things–not even eating lunch until 3:00.  We completed our books, started hanging them up.  Today we have to finish all the work and then tidy up.  Our “Opening” is at 7:30 tonight.

Yesterday began with a bunch of artists having breakfast and Carolyn gamely came along:


and then back to work


Adam & Eve


bunny fig


  1. Loved the studio– full of color, texture, murmuring voices rippling around me as Adam and Even and a bunny alive in textures held my eye and mind and sommersaulting imagination. Sorry to crash, but neighbors do that, Bonnie.
    A super studio evening. ALIVE. TEASING. PLAYFUL. like you. —Ginny

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