“The Mountain and the Metropolis”

Zoomed up to Tacoma Friday evening and checked in to the lovely Hotel Murano.

check-in lobby glass

Because of the proximity to the Glass Museum and being in Chihuly-land, the museum is filled with glass work of varying kinds:

chandelier boat

We were there for Roger to give a talk in conjunction with a current show at the Tacoma Art Museum, “A Concise History of Northwest Art.”

His talk was entitled “The Mountain and the Metropolis” and when we looked out the window Saturday morning it seemed appropriate:

mountain & metropolis

(The museum is in the foreground with the word “ART” on it)

We headed to the museum


for the set-up:

lecture 1 lecture 2

The lecture was quite thought-provoking.  Roger spoke of the “inter-textuality” of art work and the ability for work made at different times, in different cultures and different places, to resonate even if the makers were unaware of each other.  The opening pair was Piero della Francesca (mid-15th century Italian) and Amanda Snyder (mid 20th century Oregonian):

Piero detail of buildings Amanda Snyder

I sat with the associate curator and we agreed that as she said “doors are opening in my head”.  The idea of regional art not as lesser and parochial was interesting.  I’m hoping Roger will give this lecture again locally, as it was very thought-provoking.

After a nice evening eating Japanese food with Margaret and Dan we returned to the Murano for a nightcap in the bar where perhaps the largest horse lamp in existence resides:


This morning after breakfast at “The Bite”

Bon rog

we headed to Portland arriving in time for lunch with Zach at Bread & Ink:



  1. This is something we need to work on. Bru has told me of a recorder to buy but I need more of a tutorial on podcasting. Hmmm–add to long list of things to do???

  2. Let’s talk digital audio at Thanksgiving… I’ve been using one for oral history interviews and sharing the files with others. Works well.

  3. Great–need some blog advice too about getting “Living the Creative Life” listed in the side bar–haven’t been able to figure it out!

  4. great post with a great title! i hope to hear or read a transcript of the lecture. i think Van Gogh dreamed of inter-textuality…. a dialogue with the past and future.thanks for your great documentation.

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