Art Quest: Eileen Cotter Howell at Waterstone

Yesterday 7 of us, a merry band of artists, met at Corrie’s studio to begin a little “aventura,” then jumped into Kristin’s van and took off for Portland:

We were heading up to see Eileen’s show at Waterstone Gallery, and to hear her talk about her new work

left to right Kathy, Paula, Eileen

The new work includes acrylic and watercolor.  Eileen is a talented “worker” of surfaces and pretty fearless.  She tries one thing, another another producing layered paintings with great depth.  One particular watercolor (not pictured here) began with washing an old watercolor and beginning again.  The results of this level of work and experimentation are wonderful.

We looked, listened, talked and photographed (occasionally Corrie and I photographing each other…)

Eileen talked a bit about the cooperative gallery and showed us work by other artists.

We grabbed a little lunch, did a teeny bit of shopping, and headed back to the car for the rainy drive home:

As Kristin was backing out I noticed an inspiring bit of pavement.  Future art work???


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