Seminar at Corrie’s

This morning I went to Corrie Loomis-Dietz’s studio for some help with transfer printing for my new set of work.  Corrie is the local rep for the excellent Golden Paint co.–the brand of acrylic I use.  Corrie is always most willing to share her knowledge about materials and techniques, and her time, which I appreciate.    This morning we were talking about transferring images–both printed and painted–and I’m excited to get in the studio this week and try it out.

First she showed me how to transfer a printed image to plexi:

then she showed me how to apply layers of medium, paint and then medium to a sheet of heavy plastic, then as the process goes to either monoprint the image or peel off the whole reverse image and transfer to paper or linen.  It starts with a piece of heavy plastic taped to a board (in this case she stuck a nice bird image under the plastic as a guide)

Here she decided to monoprint it and then work back into it

Like a good student I immediately saw the implications for my own work, and like a good teacher she made me try it out so I’d have the feel of it.  Here’s step one of mine:

Now it dries, more medium, more drying, peeling the whole thing off of the plastic, or maybe printing as a monoprint when gel medium is applied.  On we go!


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