Beach Update…

What a weekend.  Today it’s POURING rain so the weekend seems like a dream, but it was sunny, warm, beautiful and filled with fun.  We arrived Friday at sunset, just in time to see the UFO’s streaking by:

and Saturday was all sun all day so we took a beach walk

and checked progress on Sharon’s new “studio”…floor joists and basic plumbing in and walls next…

washed the car and had lunch on the patio

and we met up later at the Goodney’s for dinner…where I love to see my painting “4th of July” stylishly installed

Sunday–another beautiful day and we were convinced to get up early (eek!!!) and go to the Salmon River estuary

to watch Sharon and David dig mud for Sharon’s micro-biology class:

The mudhunters took off for Salem and after some pruning and lawn mowing we went to Newport for a late lunch/early dinner at our FAVORITE Local Ocean Seafood.  It being Sunday the fishing fleet was in the harbor

There must be thousands of reason to live in Oregon, and here’s one:


  1. We have just finished shoveling about five and a half tons of snow this morning – a foot deep and 7,200 square feet in area at 15 pounds a cubic foot, +/-. So the beach is looking even more wonderful than usual. Wish we were there!

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