Roger Hull has conducted a creative academic life at Willamette University for 40 years, arriving from Chicago in 1970.  For 34 of those years he’s held forth in the building at the corner of State and Winter streets.  This spring he’s closing down shop in the art building, and beginning to shift his thinking to curatorial work and the life of the “independent scholar.”

Since 1992 his office has been in the north west corner with views toward the Capitol building  grounds to the north and the original Salem Carnegie Library (now the Justice Center for the College of Law) to the west.

In between those windows though, is a LOT of stuff!

The stuff of which a creative life is made!  In the next few months it has to be sorted, archived, donated and tossed.  Most of the books will come home to the “new” home office suite and to that end we went over and packed a couple of boxes today.  I poked around the office and here’s what I saw:

Connie Fowler’s inks:

Louis Bunce’s chalk:

Photos of interest:


A few portraits:

and then to the book shelves….

And THEN , a preview of the last lecture:

It’s going to be a good one!!

See you May 7th!!!!