Where I’ve Been lately…

In a word…”STUDIO.”  My show opens May 7th, and today I found out they added a new wall to the gallery.  As the first Artist in Residence it’s kind of a race to see how much work I can produce in the allotted time.  Stay tuned for that.  Those of you who know me know that May 7th is the Roger Hull Gala Retirement event (or the Hullabaloo as we are calling it informally), which means I won’t be attending my own opening.  Luckily though, there will be a VIP reception the night of May 6th.  Anybody who reads this blog is a VIP and is invited (and I’m serene in the knowledge that both of you can come.)

So I only poke my nose out of the studio for meals and art and here are two really good art options locally:

Last Friday was the opening of the senior student art majors at the university, and also of faculty member Heidi Preuss Grew (celebrating 11 years at Willamette), at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.  Heidi’s new porcelain work looks just great on this dark brown wall

and the work of students Trevor Leaf

Lacy Gilham

Bryan Valera-Genglar

and Claire Lindsay-McGinn

are among a very strong senior show.

Tomorrow night April 15th is the opening of a wonderful show at Bush Barn Art Gallery of the work of young artists/poets from the 7th grade classes around town.  Today I previewed the work of students from Adams/Stephens Middle school and it knocked me out.  Each student wrote two poems and made 4 prints.  The presentation includes the intaglio plate that each student made and printed from.  The poems are wonderful and the prints are magical.  Though I have the art teacher’s name I don’t have the poet’s…will have to let you know on that one.  Go take a look and see what happens if ipods are ripped out of ears and kids are helped to learn to focus and create.  Pure magic.

(this intaglio plate is made with tin-foil over cardboard)


  1. For supposedly not poking your nose out of the studio, you sure get around to some interesting places! May 6 is First Thursday and is always a PDX committment for me so, sadly, will not be able to come to the VIP opening for a very VIP artist. Looking forward to a later viewing of your show! Good luck w/ the surprise extra wall!

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