The “Hullabaloo”

What a weekend.   The Roger Hull retirement festival (known here at home as the “Hullabaloo”) provided pure fun, reunions with friends and family, a tear or two, a nice goodbye.  Well not goodbye really…his curatorial career continues…but goodbye to the classroom.  As I stood in the back of the packed room I did reflect on all that teaching has brought us as manifested in a room full of students, colleagues and friends.

The two receptions following the talk were crowded and lively, with the final moment at the museum as George Johanson’s portrait was unveiled

…though I’ll now admit we’d seen the portrait before in George’s studio a few weeks ago

All of my cub-reporter skills flew away that night so no pictures of the crowd and flowers and food and presents….oh wait…there were some tributes left at the house

(…better stop by for a drink this summer…)

and on a quiet Mother’s Day we revisited the portrait show:

…and then the student portraits (from photos…)

Today is Monday, back to normal life!


  1. Over many years filled with events, parties, and celebrations of all kinds, the gathering known as HULLabaloo was among the most memorable. This from a friend who went to a party nearly every night while working at the Oregon Pavilion at Expo 86 in Vancouver. Your occasion, family & friends, varied venues and fabulous food made May 7 a world-class unforgettable evening. Thanks!!

  2. As my very first friend in Salem 40 years ago (we arrived June 24, 1970) it seemed especially good that you were there Karen. xxoo

  3. What a fine, fine HULLabaloo (thanks to Karen – I just now got it!) it was. Larry and I loved being included. A perfect recognition for Roger’s dedication to career and community. Kids and grandkids were here for Mother’s Day and we tried with all our might to get into the art building so they could see the handsome exhibit. No luck so on to Bush Barn. Oh, Bonnie. I was amazed at the range and depth of your show. We all just loved it. What a grand time for the Hulls and we are so happy to be among your friends.

  4. Sharon: The Grays have “had our backs” since the 1970’s, supporting and applauding all our endeavors. The Garnet Street bond was strong with the Goldberg/Boise duo, Matthew (Arnold) Yake, you guys…and thanks for the kind words on the show. I feel very good that the work is finally really getting there. The HULLabaloo was the event of our lives. I liked being at the back of Cone Chapel feeling the waves of love roaring toward him. Yippee!

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