The Weather…ugh (and the Gilbert House Garden Tour)

I hate to talk about the weather but it REFUSES to become late spring/early summer here in Oregon in every way except for the delicious light, with us until 9:30 p.m. or so.  Last week was the Gilbert House Garden tour with about 400 people through the gardens in 2 days but, AMAZINGLY, the sun shined for an entire day.  The last time we’ve seen it.  So I post today in memory of summer…hopeful…???

Our stop, stop number four, included four gardens of four neighbors that flow from one to another.  The weeding, the cultivating, the planting…ALL done in the pouring rain in the weeks before the tour.  The day though, was FESTIVE.

The garden tour was in aid of the Gilbert House Children’s Museum (AC Gilbert Discovery Village)

which is lodged in several historic houses down on the riverfront.  This year was the 15th annual Garden Tour and all the houses were in or adjacent to the down town Court Chemeketa Residential Historic District.  The day was lovely and warm and everybody was pretty happy to be out in the sun

The dogwood (cornus controversa) was in bloom…

The nice Matt Zafino promised sun and warm temperatures this weekend but I have to tell you, the furnace just kicked on…

Roll on summer.

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