This and that on Monday…

First off, restaurant portions.  Last night we went to a good local Mexican restaurant and I ordered chicken fajitas.  It was good alright, but so much food I couldn’t possibly believe it…not to mention EAT it, and took more than half of my entree home.  Here was our lunch today:

How has this happened in this country??  How did we ever even think of trying to serve one person so much food?????  And why?

Secondly, playing with Google.  We took a bike ride Sunday and stopped along the way for a water break.  As I was staring at my bike I noted it was named “Rincon” and began to wonder what a rincon was exactly?  I whipped out my blackberry and googled rincon choosing the wikipedia definition and know what it said???  “Rincon is a bike made by Giant.”  Oh.  THAT rincon.


  1. We definitely agree – we often get multiple meals resulting from restaurant outings. At least it keeps the cost down, once amortized….

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