Living the Creative Life: Nancy Lindburg

Nancy Lindburg is a remarkable person.  In her public career at the Salem Art Association and the Oregon Arts Commission, she worked tirelessly to promote the notion of regional arts in a region that sometimes undervalues its own.  She saw to it that many many artists had a chance to be included in the “process” of public art, as well as encouraging an equal number of artists privately.  Beginning in her days at SAA in the 1970’s, and continuing to the present day, her interest in the “community” of artists than can be created in any place has been key.  In addition to all of this, she’s a good painter.  Earlier this year she showed work at Blackfish Gallery in Portland, and this week we headed over to her house to deliver some things.  Luckily I got a peek into her studio.  In the entryway are hanging work by George Green and Terry Melton and…Bonnie Hull!  I was glad to say hello to my little painting

And then there’s the lovely jumble of every working artist, the look that tells you work is going on:

and work in progress:

In the hall hangs this lovely Gordon Gilkey print

and at the end of the hall another of mine

downstairs among the interesting window-sill items was a small hammer used by Nancy’s Grandfather

We toasted the day, we toasted Bill Lindburg, we toasted Florence and good friends, and went on our way.


  1. I love seeing other artist studios and art collections! Thanks for sharing. Good to see you today as always.

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